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Rice Cooker on offer in Lidl UK!

Just been to Lidl and came across a rice-cooker they are selling there for £14.99 :) it also has a second lid so you can steam fish/meat or vegetables at the same time!

It has a 1.8l capacity, which is quite large for me tbh... but I will use it to make large batches of onigiri to then put in the freezer :) I have never had any problems with any electrical goods from Lidl, so if anyone is looking for a quality rice cooker at a low price, this might be a good solution :)


Slimming World for those who are interested...

as it's been mentioned a few times now I thought I would make a quick post explaining how Slimming World works as Bentos are perfect for the plan I'm on and maybe some other people will benefit too :)

Before I start let me say that I have tried many diets in my time, most notably besides Slimming World, probably Weight Watchers, where I found I was always hungry and I hated that I was limited to how much fruit I could have in a day due to the "points" system. continue reading...

UK-based Japanese vegetable growers

Really nice article here: about a Sussex-based farm that specialises in Japanese veggies. So glad to see enterprises like this, which probably make it a lot easier for London and South East restaurants to get fresher ingredients.

I'd like to know if any UK bento-ers out there have used these guys' produce, or would consider it (I'm in Newcastle, so it's a bit far; maybe when I go and visit the folks!). continue reading...

Just made my very first Onigiri!

Well, just made my first ever Onigiri! It was sooooo much fun although I did end up burning my hands with the hot rice and I need to work on my onigiri "sizes" as they are still quite irregular - lol

not bad for a first attempt I thought :)


Just ordered my first Bento box :D

As the title suggests I have just ordered my first Bento box! I went for this one

In pink :) opinions? Hope I havent made a bad and bought a bad one :/

The size is about right for me based on what I have read and I have also ordered some little soy-sauce bottles! Am going to try and make my first onigiri right now with the stuff I bought in our local Chinese Supermarket, so wish me luck! Never done anything like this before but am really excited! :)

Will try and post the results later! ;) continue reading...

Silicone steamers

I was gifted one of those silicone steamers that you pop in the microwave to steam cook vegetables, salmon, and what have you. I live in Tokyo at the mo, and they are all the rage in Japan these days. I haven't lived in the States for a while now so I'm not sure if they are popular anywhere else, but I was startled to find there is very little information about this type of cooking online. The steamer came with a pamphlet but I don't like the recipes in there. I'm also not the type that likes steamed food with just a little S&P - I like my food to have a little kick in it! continue reading...

Recipes with Oyster sauce

I've got full bottle of never used oyster sauce, and it's expire date is.. going to expire in weeks. Because I'm enterprising girl, I can't let so much food to waste. So, is anyone could recommend me nice recipes using oyster sauce? I'll be grateful :3.

lots of pumpkins

i've put some pumpkin seedlings on the compost heap in spring and we had a rather wet summer. now i'm facing a flood of kuri pumpkins!
i'm quite happy about my harvest but although i gave away what i could i'm afraid i'll have to consume more than my body weight in pumpkin this year. hope i won't get pumpkin poisoning! continue reading...