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How do you plan your bentos?

(or do you plan them at all?)

I've just posted a new planning form: The Weekly Menu Planner with Bento Lunch Box. I've been working on the layout and testing it out for the past few weeks, and I've found it quite useful, though more complicated perhaps than the original Weekly Bento Planner.

I'm curious though - do you plan your bentos? If so, what do you use? What do you take account of in your plans?


Does anyone here keep up with BentoTV ( I followed it because even though it was very simple and basic recipes, she had some nice ideas for a beginner bento. She also has one of the largest selections of bento supplies I've seen on ebay (, and she was very reliable in shipping. So far all of my bento stuff has been bought from her.

She hasn't updated in a while and I even emailed her to see what was up. I was wondering if anyone followed her and knew something. It'd be sad to see her nice video blog die. :/

What's your box?

I'll show you mine, if you show me yours! :)

I use a couple of different sets. For me, I use either a Hakoya two-level box (in ume blossom motif) that I bought at Loft last fall. Very sturdy, and I use it at least three times a week. I also have a Floream set with a keep-warm rice thermos and side dishes (that look a lot like denture cups, frankly). I use this set for warm leftovers, like mapo dofu or curry, since my workplace doesn't have a microwave. continue reading...

Bento Challenge Ravelry group

So I want to start up a Ravelry group for us knitters doing the bento challenge. If you are interested please reply with your ravelry user name. Once I have at least 3 I will make the group and post about it on here!


How the Get Started Bento Challenge will work

(From the new Just Bento forum)

Here are the details of the Get Started Bento Challenge. Please note: I got the start date wrong for the first week because I don’t know how to read a calendar properly! I really meant for it to start on Monday, January 12th. Because of my mistake though, we’ll say we’ll start the first week on the 12th or the 13th, then re-adjust so that the next week starts properly on a Monday. continue reading...