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Why Maki is so scatterbrained right now

Not that I'm usually that together but... well, as some of you may know, we've had the house on the market for a while now. Not the best time for it for sure...the bad economy is really worldwide, and affecting Switzerland too. Anyway, just a week ago we got the first worthwhile offer for the place...and we've accepted it in principle. The price is less than we wanted but least we are not making a loss. So, the upshot is that we are now obligated to move out of this house by the end of February, and find another place to live temporarily while we look for a new place to buy. continue reading...

Butaniku Shōgayaki

This is a reciepe I found and realy like. You can finde it here:

But it is in german so here is the try of a translation for everyone not familiar with german:

You need:
- 3 pices of "fast to fry" pork (aproximately 300g)
- a thumb sized bit of ginger
- 2 Tlb. of Soysauce
- 1 Tlb. Mirin

What you do:
- Peel the ginger and grate it very fine, mix it with soysauce and mirin in a bowl.
- Cut the meat in tiny stripes, put them in the bowl and mix everything through continue reading...

Cold lunch ideas/recipes

I will mostly be eating my bentos at college where I won't have access to a microwave. I'm not really familiar with bento recipes yet and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for rice recipes that can be eaten cold or room temperature? Also if you have any good links for recipes I could look at that would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

How long do bento ingredients keep in the fridge?

If I can think of one single question whose answer would help me be a better bentoist, it's how long bento ingredients (carrots, rice balls, veggie stir fry - anything) can be expected to sit in the fridge and still come out not only nontoxic but tasty. For instance, I stir-fried a little bok choy for bentos later this week this evening - but will it still taste good on Monday? On Thursday? Does anyone have any good guidelines?

Challenge Week 1 Talk

The details of Week 1 of the challenge are now up! Get Started Bento Challenge Week 1 (link corrected now!)

For myself, I am going to try to do all of the tasks (except for the bento-box measuring and calorie calculations, which I have already done). I will post my bento plan and my photos when I report at the end of the week. continue reading...

If you have a blog where you post updates about your bento challenge

Will you be blogging your challenge? The best way to let us know for the moment is to put your blog URL in your Signature, which will appear on all of your posts/comments here. You can add/edit your Signature on the Your Account page (the link is at the top of this page).

First time cooking

Ok, so here is where you can post about how you survived cooking on your own for the first time. I didn't start cooking on my own until last year around this time. I moved into my first apartment on my own (with a room mate of course). Before I moved, I had found this book called "College Cooking: Feed Yourself and Your Friends" ( continue reading...

Japanese Groceries :)

Hi guys. This thread is about Japanese Groceries. What are you favourites? What Japanese food have you been dissapointed in? What do you want to buy soon?

Here's my list:

Kewpie Mayo
S&B Mild Curry / Hokkaido Corn Cream Stew
Okonomiyaki flour and sauce / Yakisoba Sauce (plus aonori, red ginger, katsuobushi etc.)
Instant Miso Soup and Dashi
Sushi rice plus nori, vinegar, wasabi etc.
Pokka Coffee/Royal Milk Tea/Calpis
Furikake (especially wasabi flavour)
Morinaga Pancake Mix (guilty pleasure!)

Dissapointments: continue reading...