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miso soup during the summer?

miso and wakame are two of my favourite foods, but now that summer has started I do not know what to do with them other than miso soup, which is not very suitable for this weather... what do you suggest?

Metallic Bento Colours box

My friend Yoshio keeps buying me bento stuff, so I keep making him salami, so he keeps buying bento stuff, so I keep making salami - and so it goes on. The latest to arrive was this Silver Bento colours box, and I just had to show you all how much it looks like an external hard drive sitting by my computer! All it needs is a Western Digital logo and a wee flashing blue light.

My friend Craig came into the office just as I was typing that and said "Oh that's interesting, but it's not plugged in!" And was very surprised to find it was a lunch box. continue reading...

Hakoya Boxes

The last thing I need are more bento boxes, but it is fun to see what's new!

name dropping

I just wanted to drop a little note that I saw name checked in a post on Serious Eats. (I'll post below) Where else have you seen the site mentioned in a casual way? continue reading...

I need help >.<

I'm going to an Anime convention next weekend... and I have to make Bento lunches for 6-8 people. How would i go about doing this?
If I make 6 different kinds of bentos... my shopping list ends up huge >.<
A friend suggested that I make them all the same thing. Or, make it like a pic-nick and have one container with the main course (probably chicken of some kind), and 2 or 3 smaller containers with other options like the 'egg buddies', octopus weenies and things like that... and of course Onigiri :3
What are your suggestions??

Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.
(Thank you in advance)


Long Time no see!

I made kimchee sunday. But i have run into a few questions. How spicey is kimchee supose to be? I tried my kimchee today, two days after being made, and it is way way way over spicey. Dad loves spicey food, but my mouth burns after each nibble. Anyway you can tune it down after it's already made?


midnight bento- who is eating at night?

hello everybody,
i work at a nightclub (at the bar and as a bouncer) and eat my bentos in the near dark. while it's fun to sit in the bouncer booth and eat a cute little bento, it poses some problems with the design of the food: as everything is illuminated with colourful artificial lights, none of the pretty natural colours i try to put in the box are really visible. bright green pesto turns to black goo, reds and oranges become nearly invisible, subtle contrasts vanish.. continue reading...

Favorite complete bento or individual recipe from Just Bento?

Recently, I lost a lot of my favorite recipes on Just Bento and Just Hungry. Most of them were no longer on my favorites page anymore. Maki suggested using a bookmarking site to save the recipes I liked, and yesterday I finally joined one. I decided to go through all of Maki's posts on Just Bento to find my favorite recipes again, and also to see all the cool posts Maki had made before I joined. In the process, I came to fully appreciate just how much effort and detail Maki puts into her sites! continue reading...