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Help! Cooking in a microwave rice cooker!

My sister is traveling and has no stove or hot plate, so a microwave is her main way of cooking. She bought a microwave rice cooker similar to this one that was also advertised as making pasta, but her husband threw away all the packaging and instructions. I need any instructions for cooking rice and pasta in a microwave rice cooker.
Please help.
Thank you.

Simple Haemul- Korean Seafood Pancake

Another simple recipe found on the back of some food ingredient packaging
I personally use the Super market prepared flour for the batter
1 Cup of Assi Vegetable Pancake Mix (Flour, Salt, MSG (optional), Baking Powder,and Garlic Powder)
1 Cup of water
a content amount of mixed seafood.
1/4 of diced scallions
shredded carrots and vegetable of choice
Mix well for the batter then drop the seafood and scallion as well as veges in to the batter, using a heated oil pan poor in the batter, Cook until yellow and then flip.

lazy man's Korean BBQ

In my supermarket they sell a "Korean BBQ sauce" and sometimes to fill a bento sidedish I just drench Pork or Lamb slices in it and roast them over the frying pan, it's not much of an recipe but can be done very fast and tastes pretty good

Shabu Shabu / Sukiyaki hotpot broth recipe?

Why hello there :D

So as of maybe the past year, I've discovered Shabu Shabu (on my birthday) and I'm rather addicted.
I want to purchase a hotpot so that my boyfriend and I can enjoy Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki at home.

2 of our favorite flavored brothes were a Spicy Miso broth, and a Sukiyaki broth.
Now, I know that there is Sukiyaki as a different meal, which is a similar version to Shabu Shabu... but I'm curious of how to recreate the sukiyaki broth for shabu shabu. continue reading...

Are some of these bentos worth the price? Some seem so expensive!

Hello there everyone.
As I am kind of shopping around (more like drooling & wanting more bento stuff) before I start college, I've been looking at multiple different sites for mainly bento box sets (primarily Jlist & Ebay, but I personally look more on Ebay). continue reading...

The case of the sideways bento and the food within

What do people use to separate the small amounts of food items that may be somewhat "juicy" for lack of a better word? I drained some mandarin oranges for me and the kids yesterday and put them in silicone cups or divided sections of my boxes and still the kids bread ended up soggy in the other compartments. Are there small short (silicone cup size?) boxes that have lids out there? I haven't found anything small enough that will permit me to close the bento box after I put the little box in it.

Any other VERY HUNGRY veg*ns out there have trouble feeling full?

I just got this box from Borders, and while it is quite large (almost 4 cups!) and I am one who definitely needs to use bento to control my diet, I actually am pleased with the size. I am a vegan-leaning vegetarian, for 2+ years now so it's not like I drastically changed my diet recently, and lately I simply can not reach a point of satiety. I pack a healthy amount (1 cup of brown rice, about 1/2 cup of beans or occasionally tofu, and some veggies and fruit) into a 2.5ish box I have, but this just isn't cutting it. continue reading...

Keeping things fresh

My job runs off of 12 hour shifts, and many times gets kicked into overtime working sometimes 18 hours (I'm sure I'll have some 24 shifts as well in the near future).

This means I potentially consume EVERY meal of the day out of the house and was hoping to get at least two of those meals as bentos or carry to work as opposed to eating out all the time. What are your best ideas for keeping things cool while driving (I am an EMT so will be in a vehicle all day with my lunch with me) that won't end me with a soggy lunch/dinner/snack?