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New 'Bento recipe cookbook' section

We've sort of experimentally opened a new 'Bento recipe cookbook' section. The idea is that recipe talk, such as suggestions for various recipe ideas (vegetarian, spicy, etc.) and questions, remain here in Bento Recipes, and individual more or less complete recipes go in the Cookbook section. continue reading...

Nominate your favorite bento blogs and sites!

I have to confess, I’m pretty bad about linking to other bento blogs. I am so caught up in my own sites that there just isn’t enough time! continue reading...

Penny Squeezing

I know alot of pepole either a) want to save money by making bento's, b) have enough money but obect to spending more than neccesarry, or c) Just don't have a wasteful nature. Either way, their is alot of money wasted on bento's that doesn't need to be, so I thought a thread on money saving and food saving ideas might be called for. So those of us in the above catagories can all post our ideas and hints on how to be stingy without apearing so, and get ideas off each other.
My top hints for the moment are:
1) Reusing leftover rice and pasta saves both food and effort continue reading...

Shiso - uses for this herb

We have a generous and ongoing crop of shiso this year. The plants crowded into pots are yielding little leaves, some of our plants have access to more soil and are producing huge hand sized leaves.

Maki recently published a guide on how to make shiso 'tea'
And I noticed a comment suggesting that they were unsure of what do use shiso for (except as a tasty noodle garnish).

My favourite way is as an addition to rice:
In Japanese; continue reading...

What should I bring back from Japan?

I'm off to Japan in a couple of weeks, so now that all the arrangements are made I've started to wonder what I'll be able to bring back. (I know it won't be as much as I want!) I probably can't go for anything heavy, bulky or perishable, and I'm going to try really hard to avoid going crazy on bento accessories, because I already have enough that I don't use regularly enough. continue reading...

Rice cookers for Students??

Im going back to uni in september and I want to buy a rice cooker for myself to use for makeinging bentos etc.

Im also trying to slim down for my graduation in the summer and im planning to try to make bentos every day im in uni to help me contol my calorie consumption (most of the food in the uni canteen is deep fried), so i think a rice cooker would be a great investment.

I just have no idea which one would be the best for me, as I will mainly be cooking for just myself and Im on a butget.

I would really apreciate some help and sugestions as to which rice cooker to go for.

Bento Art or if it looks good, you'll eat it.

In case you miss it, here's an interesting article about "bento art":

My Japanese mother lives with my sister and her family. My sister has two elementary age boys and my mother (their grandmother) packs them a bento box for lunch. The boys have told me that their classmates are envious of their bento lunch since it looks so "cool" and better than their classmates' peanut butter and jam sandwich.

Bento in a Tumbler

Has anyone tried this? I ran into this video on youtube, and it seems like a pretty cool idea. She also mentions that this is popular among young japanese people.