Registering: It's a Good Thing

You may have noticed that I've now made the user login form much more visible (it's right there, in the left corner of the page). This is to encourage you to register on the site. I have stopped short of requiring registration in order to comment and so on for now, but I have turned back on comment moderation for any unregistered commenters.

While the spam deterrents I have in place do the job of catching the most obvious auto-type spam, I still find myself spending a lot of time deleting human-generated spam. So, if you want to avoid the delay before your comment appears, please take a few minutes to register. Rest assured that your personal information will never, ever be shared with any 3rd party. Once registered, your username will work on both Just Bento and Just Hungry (once you log into one, you'll be logged into the other). Still on the agenda are things like installing OpenID logins and more interesting profile pages, but one thing at a time.

Only registered and logged in users will be able to post topics in the upcoming forum. I'm also working on implementing some other member-only features.

And can I just say that a lot of people are making the term SEO as dirty as SPAM. Anyone linking to their stupid 'SEO advice' site will be reported as a spam offender, please take note.

(cross-posted on Just Hungry and Just Bento).

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First of all, I like the few

First of all, I like the few simple changes you did to the site. Very nice! Secondly, what's SEO??


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When it's used legitimately it can help a site move up in search engine listings, but quite a lot of people take it as meaning 'game the search engine ranking system' and leave their spammy link droppings all over the place and such. :/

testing registration

I think I am signed in...


I gave my first go at making bento in the morning today. It was a bit rushed, but I'm pretty pleased! Onigiri with salmon inside, some carrots and grape tomatoes, and a handful of greenstuff for the pretty. Not fancy, but hopefully tasty! (And the saddest looking onigiri you've ever seen, haha.)I'm practicing for the bento challenge; I want to be ready!


this is the real test. I THOUGHT I was logged in before but wasn't oops :X

I thought I registered a

I thought I registered a longish time ago but now have no idea. My info always shows in the comment stuff but maybe that is just a cookie? Is there a way to find out? Or do I need to do it again? I will but would rather not have an "empty"floating around. Thanks.

Re: I thought I registered a

Try requesting a new password using the email address you used. You should get the login info (and you can go in and change your password and so on). If the email address is not in the system, it means you never registered with that email address.

I just registered -- it was

I just registered -- it was SUPER easy (I'm so used to detailed and long registration processes, I was surprised how quickly it went)!

Can't wait to get started on the Bento Challenge! ^___^

I wish you a very pleasant

I wish you a very pleasant year: lots of love, of money, of vitality and everything you wish.....

Only a week to go?!

The registration process is very easy. Thank you for that, Maki.

In just a week we'll be starting!

Should we be making a few johbisai recipes this weekend to prepare?


Is there a way to change my password?

Re: Registered...

You can log in with your current password, then change it (Edit tab on the account page) or if you've forgotten your password you can enter the email address you used to register and have it emailed to you. (check your spam if you don't see it - it should come from thechef at justhungry dot com)

Re: Registering: It's a Good Thing

Please let us know when OpenID is implemented. I'm looking forward to it!

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