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I know that quite a lot of people who follow Just Bento and/or Just Hungry are interested in Japanese culture in general. So, this is a very-infrequent plug for my Japanese language mini-lesson blog and Twitter account. The Twitter account is separate from my main chatty Twitter (@bentotips, where I actually rarely tweet any bento tips…); it’s at @mainichinihongo. There is also a companion blog, Hungry For Words, which has longer lessons on occasion. The lessons are not very structured or anything - I just talk about words or phrases that pop into my mind.

So, if you are studying Japanese, or just interested in nihongo, take a look! It’s all part of my mission to spread Japanese culture over the world, like gomashio on rice ^_^.

(Cross-posted to Just Hungry and Just Bento.)

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Re: My Japanese language blog and Twitter

where can I find Japanese fonts free online? I don't see the characters in the lessons.

Re: My Japanese language blog and Twitter

If you are using Windows, you need to install the Japanese Language Pack for your version of Window. For example the one for XP is here. (I believe the Professional version the language kits are already on the installation CDs.)

If you are on a Mac, the Japanese language kit is on the OS X installation CDs, and installation is a snap. This page looks useful.

Re: My Japanese language blog and Twitter

Oooh thank you, Maki! These will certainly be useful, as I've just started learning Japanese. Second lesson tomorrow morning! XD

Re: My Japanese language blog and Twitter

wonderful! I didn't know you did this. I studied Japanese and have been looking for something to keep on learning. This is perfect! Where do you get time for all of this? Thanks so much!

Re: My Japanese language blog and Twitter

I'm near the end of my basic Pimsleur audio course. It is a lot of fun, but I was looking to expand my knowledge beyond "Where is Ueno station?" so thank you for this!

Re: My Japanese language blog and Twitter

I follow you on twitter but didn't know that you had this bento blog.

たくさん美味しい物があります! 日本料理が大好きです。

I will definitely try to make some of the recipes!

Re: My Japanese language blog and Twitter

Thanks for visiting! I know my language blog is rather neglected these days... just too busy! :(

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