Just Bento 1st Anniversay Giveaway - The Winners!

Please check out the Just Hungry post for the winners of the giveaways over there, plus how the winners were selected.

Without further delay - here are the lucky winners!

  • Chubby-chan from Melbourne, Australia wins the Japanese Charaben / Kyaraben book by akinoichigo!
  • Nettles from Canada wins the Shinzi Katoh bento accessories and the Kyarappa food cutter set!
  • Mathias from IL, USA wins the 2 bento books!
  • Fossettes from Paris, France wins the Miffy thermal bento box!
  • And last but not least, Avlor from SD, USA wins the Kobo Aizawa stainless steel bento box!

Congratulations to all the winners! I have already emailed you, but if you didn’t get the email please let me know ASAP. And, thank you to the hundreds of you that participated and left such nice comments! I did read all your comments, and I’ll try to address the questions eventually (or if I forget, re-ask me over on the Ask Maki (almost) Anything post.)

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Lucky them !!!!!!

Lucky them !!!!!! Congratulations to all of you :)


congratulations to them lucky winners!:D it was a fun week looking forward to the day’s giveaway. thanks maki.

WooHoo! Congratz everyone!

WooHoo! Congratz everyone!

congrats everybody! .. i do

congrats everybody! .. i do admit that i am jealous of you.. just a little :P haha enjoy your stuff!


So many thanks! I think it is a sign of the moon, my winner life is just beginning!

Thank you so much Maki, for that lovely present.

congrats everyone! :)

congrats everyone! :)


Congratulations everyone!!

I’m a tiny bit jealous, but it was fun! I loved reading all the stories, so even though I didn’t win, it was worth trying! ♥♥

Thanks, Maki-san!

Lucky, lucky, lucky..

Wah.. drool.. drool…

Enjoy your gifts, thanks Maki, it was great fun the entire week of reminising and anticipating.. thank you.

btw, I still wanna know where to get that delightful Miffy Orange thermal bento set..

I have seen it listed once

I have seen it listed once or twice on eBay.


Congratulations to the lucky winners! I’m so happy for all them! I guess since I didn’t win this is my excuse to buy some new stuff. ;)


Yay! Congratulations, everyone! Maki is so generous!

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