How many bento boxes do you own?

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My answer is...

My answer is… 6 to 10. Not much! And that’s for two people. I have 7 actually, though I don’t use a couple of them that much.

bento boxes

I just own one, but my flatmates have a stash of food containers of various sizes that i occasionally borrow when i have to… ^^

new to Bentos

I only own one so far, just shy of 1200ml and find that I will need a slightly smaller box. I am 24, 6’3”, 225lbs, and usually can eat like a horse, but for some reason the healthier food that I can pack into my bento just fills me up more than a sandwich and fries from McD’s or Arby’s and satiates my hunger much longer.

Bento boxes

I’d love to own a bento box, but don’t yet! It’s on my birthday list. :)

Bento Boxes

I bought one for hubby and we’ve enjoyed it (me making, him eating) that I recently purchased 3 more for him and 1 for me (I stay at home). I’d get more, but should pace myself.

Bento boxes

I have one that technically isn’t a bento box. It’s tupperware (Lunch’n Things Container) and it looked so much like a bento box to me, I bought it.

I have… 9, I think. We

I have… 9, I think.

We got a delivery of 4 in the post today from ebay, so my collection has pretty much doubled in one day, lol.

Although I started all this for my wee boy, I just can’t resist the cuteness for myself.


Daiso opened a mile away from my house. Who can resist a $1.50 bento box? I have two more coming from ebay soon, too.


Two Japanese bentos that I got off of eBay, two North American-style Bento boxes (ie, Tupperware) that I bought elsewhere, and a stack of disposable plastic dishes that work as Bento boxes in a dish.

in a pinch. Sorry ;-)

in a pinch.

Sorry ;-)

Just one :(

But I want thousands


I put 11-20. I don’t know exactly how many I own, but I do use several of my cuter ones (like my hello kitty ones) that don’t hold a whole lot as containers for storing stationary items, like sticker flakes, or my cell phone charms. I have a Feel at Ease (pink) and a Muscat Puti Fresh, both two teir, that I use regularly, and I just recently bought an Urara two tear that I plan on making my regular one. I”m trying to find another Feel at Ease pink two tear and matching bag for my co-worker, but if I can’t I’ll give her mine.

When I first started up, I

When I first started up, I was in a bento craze and pretty much bought boxes whenever I could save up enough to snatch a deal or two from ebay. Now I feel I have too many, but overall it was a learning experience because each box has its good and “bad” points.

I have around 15-16 in my collection, but lunch is usually carried in one of three or four favorite boxes: Totoro single tier side snap, red two-tier usagi (from the same company that does the sakura and dragonfly designs), faux wood grain onigiri box, and a Lock & Lock bento set. I keep telling myself that I should probably sell the rest, but I just can’t seem to part with any of them.


We only have four — one for each person in the family. They’re all Laptop Lunches, which aren’t exactly the same, but in some ways they’re close enough. The boys also get snacks packed in normal tupperware, but sort of bento inspired.

I one of you!

First comment ever! I have 1 two-tier that holds about 700mls, and a little one with a fork attached to the top with 600. I’ve just started making these for school, and haven’t missed a day! It’s so much fun! (today my onigiri had faces! a first!) I want some more, but don’t have eBay privliges…

I have eight right now, but

I have eight right now, but I have two sizes that I’m looking for and will hopefully add to my collection in a short manner. After that, it’s pretty much whatever catches my eye. (Yeah, my addiction is pretty bad, I will be the first to admit.)



I’m always enthusiastic with kitchen and food equipement so I answered more than 20, My two daughters included. I love changing my box. I also use tupperware with bento toys inside(sauce containers, baran and so …). It help’s me put magic in every day but it doesn’t help my bank account since most things come for japan and I live in France….


fossettes, from your blog I might have guessed you have a lot of bento equipment.. wow! :)


I’ve purchased half of my boxes on the internet, 1 from a local H-mart, 1 is a round microwavable Chinese takeout container, and the other 2 are vintage Tupperware with a built in divider (around 450-500ml each, I think). I like using boxes based on their shapes rather than their cute factor (though I couldn’t resist my Totoro box XD). It makes it fun when I’m packing everything in.

I have two regular bento and

I have two regular bento and one of of those huge Zojirushi bento jars that I got as a graduation present. That one typically gets used as a picnic basket for 2 or 3, rather than a lunchbox.

Yikes, LOL!!

Oh my gosh! I just did a mental count of my bento boxes and I have twenty (ha, ha and only one of them is for my husband).

That is a little scarry. I only actually use about six or seven of them regularly. I mostly use one tier boexes , with clear tops, my lock and lock box and a thermal Ms. Bento. I have a number of two tear boxes that I used when I first started making bentos, but I’ve developed a strong preference for the one tier boxes.

I like having the flexiblillity to play around and choose the shape and color of the box, based on the ingredients. I use my thermal bento a lot for stews and even noodles. I have a square, blue Diaso box, with a clear top, that is perfect for sandwiches (I also use my lock and lock rectangular box for sandwiches. I have three, deeper, one tier boxes that I use for salads and other lunches with more volume such as rice dishes (one of them is round). Finally, I have a couple of shallow, one tier boxes that have lots of little compartments that are removable — I don’t use these as often as the others… but they’re nice for a change, with foods like tamagoyaki or maki .. or other “bite sized” things that don’t reguire as much volume.

Thank you for this great website, by the way. You have done a wonderful job. I refer to your site often for information about basic cooking techniques and inspiration. It is a terrific resource.

We have 25-27… I might

We have 25-27… I might have counted a couple twice. Most are the cheap-ish kind from Daiso, but there are a couple of Zojirushis in there (the Japanese versions - American are still too big) and a few Sanrio-flavored, as well. ^_^

I’ve got 3, one snack

I’ve got 3, one snack bento (250ml), one thermal bento (450ml) and one normal bento (550ml) I find they basically fit any occasion that I have. When my fiance gets a desk job though he says I’ll have to buy more bento boxes since he doesn’t like how cute mine are :D

Up to 8, I think

I just bought another set off ebay, so I think that’ll put me in the 8-12 range. But 4 of them are small sides so does that actually count? :) I’m a sucker for cute boxes, but they MUST be dual layers. I especially love boxes with Engrish on them. I’d kill to have a Daiso near me.

I've got issues

I never thought to count my bento boxes until now! Oh, I have too many! But the Muji in NYC was selling 2 types of them; the confluence of Muji and bento (which combines almost all of my favorite things— boxes, food, Japanese culture, and aesthetic minimalism) nearly made my entire body explode… I also overdose on Lock ‘n’ Locks and Biokips which are fantastic— I didn’t include them in the count, as they are not technically bento boxes, though they do serve that purpose beautifully. Oh, I also didn’t count the insulated food jars… Forget about snack boxes… Oh I’ve got issues… I just want to say, I love this site!!! I’m so interested in the mechanics of “grown-up” bento that primarily focus on taste, nutrition and good combination and technique, and aren’t cutesy. I don’t think I need a subscription, because I check this site more than I check my e-mail! But does it help the author of the website somehow, if I subscribe? If so, I’d be happy to do it.

whatever way you visit

kips, whatever way you visit, by subscription or coming to the site, is appreciated :)

<3 zojirushi <3

i just have one—bought last week and already used four times! i invested in a 790mL baby blue thermal zojirushi with a kawaii carrying case that can be converted into a snack thermal (360mL). it’s the perfect size for me, and when i pulled it out during lunch among my fellow graphic design students (in a package design class, no less) they all oohed and ahhed. though i think they were even more jealous of the food inside, which happened to be your “mostly make-ahead bento with fall vegetables and tamagoyaki.” :3

for some reason my bento didn’t come with the matching chopstick case featured on the package, which was a disappointment. maybe the box said “chopstick case not included” on it in japanese, in which case i couldn’t read it anyway. anyway, now i’m looking for a chopstick case to go with the bento, preferably in pink! XD

I now have roughly 15,

I now have roughly 15, though some of them are my mom’s unclaimed boxes. I really like packing bento and having a variety because I can pick whichever one suits my mood and appetite that day. Today I just got a totoro bento.

well...biggest collection Italy ever ^^

I am still making researches if someone in the country where I live (Italy) has a bigger collection but I’m afraid for the moment I am the only one… my collection is composed by 265 bento boxes and sure, making a travel to Japan in end march 08, I will come back with some other bento for my collection ^^


265! How do you store them? :o

Forty-five….so far! I do

Forty-five….so far! I do share them with my ten year old daughter.

I have somewhere around 30,

I have somewhere around 30, roughly half are “cheaper” boxes like the lube sheep and feel at ease sets, plus some character-type bentos, Totoro, Kitty, Miffy, and such. the other half are “nicer” boxes, with the fake laquer finishes. also, 4 thermal sets (2 were gifts) and 3 jyubako (large) boxes, one of which I’ve actually used for a potluck bbq (great for sliced tomato, onion, lettuce, and cheese for the burgers).
you see, I’m obsessed with Rabbits. and there are so MANY bentos with rabbits!!!!!

Alas, Zero

I have just made my bid to enter into the fray of bentomaking. I have some Tupperware containers to use (770ml) in the mean time, but I have to get to my local Japanese grocers, and hope they have some bento boxes. Anybody live in the metro Detroit area have any suggestions for a shop for me?

DGibb, take a look at this

DGibb, take a look at this page that lists Japanese groceries in the US, on Just Hungry. There are several listings for Michigan - maybe one or more of these stores carry bento supplies! Otherwise, try the bento box lists on the left side of the page (which lead to J-List or various ebay merchants).

About 6 to 10 and growing...

I’ve got about 6 to 10 and probably don’t need any more…but…I live in Doha, Qatar. The rule here is, if you see something you like, BUY IT RIGHT NOW, because you may never see it again! So if something catches my eye, I usually snatch it up.

Although this is a Gulf Arab state, they have a Daiso here. Go figure!

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