Happy New Year!


Welcome to 2011, the Year of the Miffy, I mean the bunny!

I was going to make an onigiri bunny, but a Miffy and friends (more amigurumi bunnies over on Just Hungry) emerged instead.

Here's to another eventful year!

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Re: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Maki! Cheers to a whole new year of adventure.

P.S. Miffy is adorable!

Re: Happy New Year!

Hello Maki :-)

2010 was such a busy busy year --lots of satisfying and fun work/activities, but I didn't have much time for anything except tinyholder (think smallholder, only tinier) market gardening and baking for our weekly farmer's market. I really missed visiting your site, and making regular bentos, and sharing photos of said bentos. Though I missed the official New Year resolution post, I am resolved to try to better balance my activities so I can get some rose-smelling in along with the weed-plucking and bread-baking :-)

I'm so happy to see all the good news about your book --I wished for it for both birthday & Christmas but will probably need to get it for myself as a Happy Spring present. It looks really great.

Here's hoping that this year of the bunny is happy, healthy, and cozy for you & your family!


Re: Happy New Year!

What a year, what a decade. Here's to a fun-filled, food-filled 2011! Happy New Year!

Re: Happy New Year!

Here's to another year of great bentos! I love Miffy-chan- she is my second favorite Japanese character ( I know she ccomes from Sweden via Dick Bruna ;) )

Re: Happy New Year!

I believe Miffy is actualy Dutch ^_^ (Wikipedia). Though for a long time I thought Miffy was from Italy, since I thought Bruna was an Italian name.

Re: Happy New Year!

So kawaiii! Happy New Year Maki!

Hey, it's my neighbour Nijntje!

Miffy is originally called Nijntje and lives in my hometown Utrecht :)

'Nijn' is part of the Dutch word for rabbit: konijn and small children can often only pronounce the one syllable ;)

A happy new year to all!

Come visit at Graasland!

Re: Happy New Year!

Hello :0) I love your blog! Just wondering if your Miffy pattern came from a book. If so, do you have the name of the book?

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