Rakuten Global free shipping offer, and monbento iPad giveaway

Two quick bits of news:

  • monbento is releasing a mobile app soon, and to commemorate they are giving away an iPad and 100 bento boxes.. No purchase necessary to enter.
  • Rakuten Global, the international part of the Japanese online shopping mall giant Rakuten, is holding a free global shipping campaign until May 17th. If you buy at least 10,000 yen worth of products from a participating merchant, up to 5,000 yen of your international shipping cost will be free (you’d pay for any extra shipping). This doesn’t just apply to bento box sellers of course so if you are a figure collector or a hobbyist or a Japanese fashion fan and so forth you could use this offer too. (I see one of my favorite craft supply stores there…) (Via @saraosenton - thanks Sara!) - this one is over now.

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Re: Rakuten Global free shipping offer, and monbento iPad ...

Hi Maki, what's your favourite craft supply store? :) I just bought a ton of things from Rakuten (like Jaga Pokkuru :p)

Re: Rakuten Global free shipping offer, and monbento iPad ...

My favorite craft supply store is Yanagiya. For hobby-type things Surugaya (or Surugaya-a-too) is good. Both are on the particpating merchants list ^_^

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