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It is now the run up to the final exams of my A2s so, not being nearly as clever as my parents think I am, I need to do a lot of revision too get the grades I need to get into university. The issue is, I really want too continue making bentos because I don't like the school food very much and I'm concerned about its nutritional value.

I already make lunches the night before because of the time it takes me to get ready in the mornings. Obviously I know that not cutting things into pretty shapes (although mum taught me a great trick to do carrot flowers quicker), and eating more couscous are good ones, but does anyone have any more sugestions?

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Re: Time Saving

Well I guess this is a little silly reply but you can try to put cherry tomatoes (just wash them a bit and they are done) as well as cocktail sausages... I guess you can cook them in the microwave. Also, try baby carrots and babybell cheese, grapes, kashews and dry fruits...
You know, try foods that are small and that don't really need to be cooked. I usually put those in my bentos and they are great. Besides, if you use raw veggies (like fruit or salads) they'll have more vitamins and you won't feel too heavy for the afternoon :)

I hope this helps! :D


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Re: Time Saving

When I'm busy, we eat a lot of boiled eggs rolled in soy sauce, and fruit or raw veggies instead of cooked veggies. I also eat yogurt frequently with lunch--it keeps you full for longer.

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