Thoughts On Canned Salmon

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I was just wondering some thoughts on canned salmon from the bento community and it's applications to bento.

So far I have used it only a couple times, looking for a variety of proteins for my boo to enjoy in her bento. She likes it, and what I have done is drained it well, added a touch of salt, and used it as onigiri filling. I have also used it by itself. Both times she liked it. Maki has some wonderful applications for fresh salmon (I really want to try the salted salmon recipe sometime), but I was curious as to thoughts on the canned goods.

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Aine Lowe
Re: Thoughts On Canned Salmon

My grandmother used to make a recipe using canned salmon that made pretty decent lunch the next day after a night in the fridge.

She called it "Salmon Puffs". Essentially it was made with a large can of salmon meat mixed with bread crumbs and seasonings and then folded carefully into 2 egg whites that had been beaten to soft peaks (like for merengue). She then spooned the 'salmon meatloaf' type mixture into muffin tins and baked them. This would fit very well into a bento box if you baked it in mini muffin pans, or you can bake it in a traditional loaf and slice it after it's cooled in the fridge.

My grandmother also changed up the seasonings from time to time. sometimes she made it with onion inside, and sometimes dill. Ocassionally she would put a small spoonful of homemade chutney inside (in the middle) before baking.

It would be a very flexible sort of recipe, similar to a traditional meatloaf. Unfortunately I do not have an exact recipe from her, but there are plenty of "Salmon Loaf" recipes on that would be a good starting place for you.


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