Sweetness help? >.<

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Hi, I have a couple of questions:
1 - I saw a recipe on justhungry for spicy crunchy roasted chick peas, besides sugar, what else should I put on if I wanted a sweet version? I'm afraid sugar isnt enough to get the sweetness.
2 - I'm not a fan of red bean, what other sweet things can I put in onigiri?
Thanks! -mdu



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Re: Sweetness help? >.<

Hei meutre_don. I have not tried it, but you could try omitting the garlic and herbs from the spicy crunchy chickpeas and tossing them while hot with cinnamon sugar - 1 Tbs. of ground cinnamon to 5 Tbs. of white or brown sugar.

To me onigiri should not have sweet fillings (that is the Japanese purist in me); but you could try peanut butter mixed with sugar, which is a popular filling for rice-dough dumplings in China (well ground peanuts anyway). You may want to mix in a little sugar in the rice itself, and coating the rice ball with kinako (toasted ground soy beans) mixed with sugar, cinnamon sugar, etc. See also botamochi or ohagi - a traditional sweet made with half-pounded rice.


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