Sushi and Freezing

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Hello everyone.
I'm a college student and pretty soon I'll be headed back to school in Sept.

To save time in the morning, I plan on making the foods I need for my bento for one week, on the weekends or whenever I need to top up.
Of course by doing this, I'll need to freeze the food.

I've read somewhere in here(I forget where :( ) that when making onigiri, you need to wait till it cools down a bit, but not all the way, then wrap it in plastic wrap and place in the freezer. (I think that's what it said) As for the nori, don't put it on till it's thawed or it will get soggy.

So, that got me thinking...
If I make sushi, and then freeze it, the nori will be all soggy when it thaws out.

I'll be making tuna and mayo sushi, veggie sushi, sushi with crab in it, sushi with chicken and sushi with beef.
I'm not a BIG fish kinda gal lol.
So, what do you think? Is there a way I can get around the soggy nori? Or will I have to prepare the sushi the night before and place it in the fridge?

Thank you for the help


I'm getting my Bento on:P

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Re: Sushi and Freezing

I know you can buy frozen sushi in my local supermarket, but I'm not sure about home freezing it.

Although saying that you can freeze inari sushi

Biggie over at lunch in a box has written this article:
Which says inari are ideal to freeze. I can honestly having only tried them last week (and I don't like normal tofu!) that they are really divine! Might be worth trying them?


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Re: Sushi and Freezing

Adriana, generally I do not like to freeze sushi. I think that something odd happens to sushi rice when it's frozen and defrosted. However, inari zushi can be fairly successfully frozen since the surface is protected by the moistness of the fried bean curd bag. The basic How to freeze rice post may help, though it just talks about plain rice.


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Re: Sushi and Freezing

Thanks for the help guys :)


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