storing uncooked rice

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Apparently, my family isn't the ONLY one in the house that likes white rice.

I had two different kinds of rice - sushi rice and white rice - both in separate heavy duty ziploc bags. My sushi rice seems to be ok, but when I looked in the white rice, there were a bunch of little white worms! I went through and cleaned it out, but I'm about to cook rice now, a week later, and there are more of them. My mom told me to throw the rice away (I just put it away so I could clean it again later) and get rice from a 25 lbs bag of rice that was taped shut (pretty tightly too, it took a lot of effort to open it). Sure enough when I open it, not only are there these tiny worms, but there are little dead moths as well. I actually almost cried at the sight of my rice bag.

Is there any way to save my rice from the bugs? My heavy duty bags don't work and sealing the rice bag does nothing either =/




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Re: storing uncooked rice

I don't think anything will be getting into your plastic rice bag - plastic is pretty impermeable. I rather suspect that the culprits were there in the rice already before the rice was put into the bag. My suggestion would be to change your rice supplier.



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Re: storing uncooked rice

meurtre, it sounds like you may have an infestation of meal moths. They are sometimes called grain moths or flour moths. . The rice was probably infested when you bought it.

I once had a meal moth problem at my old house - I still remember seeing one of them flying out of a box of jasmine rice when I opened it - and it was a nightmare to get rid of. First, dump the infested rice - dont put it back! Then get a moth trap to get rid of the adults, and kill any you can get manually (the moths are slow and easy to catch). Getting rid of the larvae (the worm-like things) completely is tough. You have to clear off all your shelves and inspect any bags or boxes you have that have grain or nut based products in them - flour, rice, cornmeal (polenta), noodles, pasta. They especially love cornmeal and whole wheat flour, or products made from them. They also prefer brown rice to white. If the batch of whatever it is looks clean, then get it out of the infected area, and preferably store it in a freezer for a while - that would kill off any eggs that you can't see. (You may feel squeamish about this and want to throw it away regardless.) If you see any signs of critters or cobwebby strings, throw it out. Then, wipe all your shelves down completely - I used hot water. You can put stuff back on the shelves, but make sure everything is closed properly. The meal moth larvae will eat through thin plastic bags - put things in completely sealable containers, double-bag them, etc. Observe the area well for a few weeks and keep checking for critters. If you don't see any more, you're clear.

Good luck! :/


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Re: storing uncooked rice

We tend to store stuff in tupperware D boxes

And yeah if I see anything like that in any foodstuff I tend to switch the supplier. Though for sushi rice that's a bit hard since it seems to be hard to come by around here.

But we tend to get these every so often. If the food is stored properly it shouldn't matter if they flutter around. Atleast the cats have some fun chasing them ;)

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Re: storing uncooked rice

I have been seeing a lot of moths lately.... and I just recently got into the habit of making a lot of rice almost every other day. we have a lot of it around right now.... time to investigate. thanks Maki!

Re: storing uncooked rice

These bugs are common in rice, switching suppliers is not likely to help. The good news is you can still safely eat the rice!
This link has the the most realistic and accurate advice to approaching your "problem". <3

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