Is this still good?

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So, I was going to go to the liquor store to buy a bottle of sake for all these yummy recipes. Then I remembered there's a 10-year-old bottle (never opened) of sake in the cabinet, which we were given.

So, is it still any good, or will it be toxic?

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Re: Is this still good?

Personally, I'd try it. Your taste buds will clue you in...

Here's something I found on

Q23. What should I do with my old sake? Is it drinkable? Does it get better with age? Try it at least but do not have expectations. Sake does not age well, it was not really meant to be aged.

Q4: Is sake aged like wine is? Is there such a thing as "vintage" sake? In general, sake is not aged (beyond the six month period mentioned), and is meant to be consumed soon after purchase. If kept cold and dark, it will last six months to a year without degradation in flavor. There are exceptions, as some sake is deliberately aged. There is no such thing as a vintage year in the sake world. Be sure, then, to notice the bottling date on the label. If the sake was brewed in Japan, note that the year 10 (for Heisei 10) is 1998. So a sake with 9.4.23 would have been bottled on April 23, 1997. Avoid! Try to buy a sake bottled within the last year, at least. If you found it refrigerated, take one more sigh of relief. If not, it may not be totally fresh.


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Re: Is this still good?

Its largely alcohol. Alcohol is used to sterelize things, so most things that are alcaholic are safe to drink for quite some time. That said, theres no gaurantee for it's taste.

Re: Is this still good?

can i replace bonito flakes for sometin' els in ma super dashi?

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