Simple single serve egg/frittatta thingies

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I found these on another site for weight loss actually and found they work perfect for a protein punch and can freeze for a quick toss in the lunch on the way out the door. It's not really japanese at all but it works perfect for my americanized bentos I think.

You will need
Ham slices
shredded cheddar
salt/pepper to taste
muffin cups/pan

1 egg will produce 2 egg cups so plan your ingredients around how many you will make.

line each muffin cup with a slice or two of ham (depending on how thin it's sliced).
Scramble the eggs, salt and pepper until nice and fluffy then stir the shredded cheese. I generally add a few pinches per egg. Pour the egg mixture into your ham lined muffin cups and bake at 350 until eggs are cooked through.

I normally eat one and toss the second into the freezer. It gives me a meal and a spare.


Just the new girl around here looking for some lunch ideas.

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Re: Simple single serve egg/frittatta thingies

I have used a similar recipe which suggested using prosciutto or bacon as the muffin tin liner. If you use large muffin tins you can fit in a whole egg. The whole egg seems less prone to leaking out. I pour the egg over some blanched spinach and sliced fresh or sun-dried tomatoes then top with grated cheese. Occasionally I add sliced black olives. I guess there are heaps of possible filling combinations.

Great idea to freeze them for later lunches.

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Re: Simple single serve egg/frittatta thingies

Hi BFGuru, you've got a version of my lazy-girl crustless quiche thing there.

I line the muffin molds with one strip of turkey bacon, cut in half, and add lightly beaten egg/salt. Top with chopped leftover vegetables (usually broccoli, green onion, maybe some red pepper) and bury some nigella and red pepper flakes in the veg. Never thought of trying to freeze them -- GREAT idea!

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