Product Testing: Mochi

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So, I was browsing my local Health Food Store this week. As I was searching for Non-GMO tofu (they had none, the hypocrites) I saw this product, which I had noticed on previous trips.

It was labeled "Break-And-Bake Mochi". I figured I'd give it a whirl.

Please enjoy my flikr set detailing my experience with this product:

If you don't want to do that, here is the summary:

Don't buy this product. Mochiko is cheaper, and tastes better.

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Re: Product Testing: Mochi Brownies

It was certainly interesting to see your photo review (you're braver than me, I don't think I'd ever buy a chocolate brownie mochi, perhaps it's aimed at the wheat intolerant market?).

I hope you will get to try real unflavoured mochi, made from pounded rice rather than mochiko/glutinous rice flour. Real mochi usually starts off hard and shiny, just as you described your break and bake chocolate version, and only softens once cooked. It isn't sweet at all and in desserts it is more of a chewy unsweet contrast to the sugary azuki beans in Oshiruko (I haven't tried kinako mochi).

I like mochi that's been dropped into a hot savoury soup and I really, really like it puffed up under the grill/broiler, brushed with soy sauce and wrapped in a nori piece... although I'm too much of a coward to eat mochi without adult supervision! I still haven't worked out other ways to use it though.

I've never tried mochi made from brown rice either, which is what was used in the product you reviewed. I'm now wondering what the original plain mochi from Grainnaisance is like. I'll look out for brown rice mochi from now on, I'm rather curious now!

I just have a very strong suspicion that you will enjoy mochi much more if you don't think of it is a dessert, and you might like it more if it's made from white rice.

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Re: Product Testing: Mochi

I agree with Loretta that this stuff sounds worlds away from the simple, unflavored, pounded white rice mochi.

If you want to give the chocolate mochi another chance, however, you mght make it more palatable if you follow Maki's directions for making moffles:

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Re: Product Testing: Mochi

They did have "original". The store I bought it from does have a wide variety of gluten-free stuff. I think I would have to wait a white before I try any of the other kinds they nearly $5 a package, it was a little rich for my blood.

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