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Your site introduced me to mirin and I love it and the flavor it gives to food. The first bottle of mirin that I found (at an upscale grocery store - not asian) was very dark brown. Not as dark as soy sauce but almost. I'm almost out and went looking again (my upscale store is out of it). I found Kikkoman Aji-Mirin which looks like white wine. Is there any difference in the light vs. the dark or is all mirin basically the same? I haven't used the light stuff yet so don't know if there is flavor difference or not. And since I started my hunt, I'm seeing much more light colored mirin, almost no dark. Inquiring minds want to know...

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Re: Mirin

Aji Mirin is a mirin-flavored sauce basically. I has added sugar and flavorings, and low alchohol content. You could call it the equivalent of 'cooking wine'. Hon mirin is real mirin, and is favored by serious cooks. Aji Mirin is about 1/2 the price of Hon Mirin. If you have to get just one, I would recommend Hon Mirin.


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Re: Mirin

Never tried aji-mirin but i have a couple of bottles of hon mirin and absolutely love it!! :D


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Re: Mirin

how do you store a bottle of mirin once opened? does it need to be refrigerated?


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Re: Mirin

Since good quality hon mirin (with a generous percentage of alcohol) is sort of hard to come by outside of Japan, I'd recommend refrigerating it, especially once the weather gets warmer.
Even though I buy stuff labelled as hon mirin, after I once found some bluish mold inside the cap of a bottle (although not on the surface of the actual liquid) I've always refrigerated mirin. I also like to keep a close eye on the consume by date on the bottle - it's not quite as non-perishable as I initially assumed it was!

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