Katsuo Furikake?

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I don't usually impulse buy foods online that I've never tried, but I did this time and I'm really regretting it. I ordered Katsuo Furikake, thinking "Oh, that sounds great!" only to open it, sniff, and become repulsed at the aroma.

Will it keep its retched smell over time or will it subside?
Would anyone want to buy this off of me? $2.00 (was bought for $2.19? plus s&h ?


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Re: Katsuo Furikake?

Which brand did you buy?

I'm a big fan of shiso/perilla leaf furikake (sometimes called yukari) and use several brands. However, I once bought some from a health food store and that version was completely vile. I'm glad it wasn't the first time I'd tasted it, if it had been I might never have tried shiso furikake again!

Even when furikake shares the same name as others (katsuo furikake would be very common) the taste can differ widely with some being divine and others repulsive.

But try a little bit on some rice first before giving up on that kind of furikake from that brand, it's possible (although improbable) that you'll like it after all.

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Re: Katsuo Furikake?

Yeah, things like furikake really vary according to the brand, the way it's stored, and how old it is. Was it past its sell-by date? (this unfortunately is a problem at some general Asian supermarkets.) Then again, it may be that dried fish flakes are not for you too...


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Re: Katsuo Furikake?

If you've never had katsuo flakes before, (like to make dashi and such) it may just be that it's not really pleasing to your tastes. My bf tends to think that katsuo flakes smell horrible when they smell just fine to me, and I can eat them plain with some soy sauce :D The bf, however, much prefers it in dashi form only, but tends to complain that it smells odd until miso is added...

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