An introduction two years too late? Hello from Edmonton, Alberta!

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Hi there! I'm Tania... or Canadian Bento, if you want, whichev. :p

I'm new... to posting. I registered about two years ago because I wanted to start making beautiful bento for lunches, or dinners, but right around the time I started my bento adventure I experienced a few life upheavals and my new hobby sort of fell to the wayside. Just recently I've picked it up again as a way to keep track of what I was putting in my mouth... one thing led to another, I decided to start a blog ( , partially to motivate myself and partly because I've always wanted to blog ^.^) and then I remembered my old account here... With my renewed interest I've come back to the forums here, hoping to find handy bento and blogging tips from the community. :D So, hello! *waves*

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Re: An introduction two years too late? Hello from ...

Hi there. There's not an awful lot happening in the forums at the moment, Maki is recovering from major surgery. But welcome anyway. Loretta and I keep a bit of an eye on things, and Maki does too when she can.
*Waves back*



My blog is Food and Shoes

Natasha Dee
Re: An introduction two years too late? Hello from ...

Another Edmontonian!!!! YAY!!!!

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