Ideas for warm breakfast bentos??

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I'm terrible about eating breakfast everyday, so in an effort to make breafast more of a regular thing, I've been contemplating packing breakfast bentos ahead of time. The usual ideas such as cereal with milk, yogurt, smoothies etc are what many people do, but I tend to be very cold in the morning and would really love to have something warm to get me going. I've tried oatmeal with blueberries (which is yummy) but would like to have more variety. Any ideas for warm breakfast bentos out there? What do you typically eat for breakfast?

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Re: Ideas for warm breakfast bentos??

I like bagels and cream cheese in a rush, but I keep egg cups in my freezer. I put the recipe down there somewhere in the recipe forum I think. It was egg fritatta type thingies or something like that as a subject title.


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Re: Ideas for warm breakfast bentos??

I've never been a fan of the classic bread 'n' stuff breakfast myself, somehow this is just too much for me in the morning. But japanese kitchen provided me with a wonderful solution: miso ramen. Just dissolve a piece of miso (I prefer the dark one) in hot water (the water kettle is your friend;)), cook some ramen or udon, add tofu dices, green onion, soy bean sprouts and nori and you'll have a warming, healthy breakfast which only takes 10 minutes to prepare. For extra warmth you can also replace the miso with a teaspoon of curry powder dissolved in hot water. I'm having this almost daily for breakfast and haven't yet got bored of it (and because it's so simple I can prepare it while still beeing half asleep). Of course you can add any veggie that comes to your mind, replace tofu for meat, decorate it with roasted onions...the possible variations are endless. If you want to take your breakfast to work you can pre-cook/pre-chop your noodles and veggies and wrap the miso.

Re: Ideas for warm breakfast bentos??

How about a breakfast burrito? Scrambled eggs, salsa, and cheese rolled up in a tortilla (I prefer corn tortillas) would be very good. You could also add a breakfast meat if you like (sausage, bacon, ham, etc.)

Individual quiche (I believe Maki has a recipe posted here) is another idea.

I like toasted peanut butter and jelly or peanut butter and banana sandwiches, although if you have to wait to eat it the toast wouldn't be hot and difficult to reheat to be crisp...

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Re: Ideas for warm breakfast bentos??

If you don't mind having something savory for breakfast, try congee, which is a classic Chinese breakfast dish. Very warming and delicious! You can cook it in a rice cooker or a slow cooker.


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Re: Ideas for warm breakfast bentos??

One thing my mother used to give me when I was a kid was corn bread and milk. We would make the jiffy cake corn bread the night before, and cut it into squares and wrap it with plastic wrap. Then, I would have my thermos with warmed milk with some cinnamon and a little sugar that she would prepare just before I went to school. Seriously, its AMAZING.

And you can't go wrong with those Jiffy corn bread mixes - stupid things are 50 cents or less a box.

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Re: Ideas for warm breakfast bentos??

What about muffins? You could go for an English muffin with an egg and some ham or with some kind of spread. Or a more regular muffin - I like orange and cardamom blue berry and cinnamon, carrot and cinnamon or tomato spinach and feta if I'm in the mood for something more savoury. Make them up in advance, pop them in the freezer and microwave when you want them.

You can also do a warm smoothie, it's something I have occasionally if I'm cold and want a warm breakfast. I'll whiz up some banana, a little bran or oats, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of cocoa powder in a blender with enough milk to make it smooth, then top off with some warm milk and stir up to blend - I find doing it that way is better because it lessens the risk of warm milk exploding out of the blender :P First time I ever had it was at a juice/smoothie bar one cold morning waiting for college to start and it was amazing, so I started making them at home. It should keep ok in a thermos if you're having to travel somewhat with your breakfast.

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Re: Ideas for warm breakfast bentos??

I don't think this is a good bento idea, but try rice porridge with umeboshi. Put equal amounts dashi and leftover cooked rice in a small saucepan, salt if you wish. Simmer until the dashi is absorbed and its a nice oatmealy consistency. Top with chopped umeboshi - they are so lip puckery sour, delightful contrast and scissored snippets of shiso leaves. I fry an egg to put on top too. This is an Elizabeth Andoh suggestion from her Washoku book.

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Re: Ideas for warm breakfast bentos??

Thanks everyone for your eye-opening ideas! I actually just made Maki's green onion & thyme muffins (with regular flour and not almond meal) and they were yummy!! So they will definitely be on my warm-breakfast list from now on. I will also try out the miso udon/ramen and congee ideas.

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Re: Ideas for warm breakfast bentos??

Another idea would be quinoa - made with water instead of veg/chicken/beef stock. Fruit and nuts could be added, as well as yogurt or cottage cheese.

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