How to make a Single Malt Corn Likker at home (Moonshine the safe way.)

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Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for your actions. If doing this breaks your country's laws and you do it anyway, you could spend time in jail. If you are not careful, you could also get yourself killed by drinking too much, drinking poorly made likker or driving thereafter. If your still is a piece of crap, it could explode, or if you made it out of a radiator you could die of lead poisoning. Don't be stupid. This recipe is for educational purposes only.

This article is about Making Moonshine. I have copied alot of this info from another of my posts on another website.


First select your grain to be malted. Some popular grains for this are wheat, barley, corn(Zea maize), rye, oats, & rice. Barley malt is the kind used for milkshakes and malt balls. All of these can be used for bread, beer, or distilled spirits. When you decide what to malt, you should then obtain the grain from a farmer or co-op as it comes from the fields. un-processed. Wash the grain to remove chaff and dirt. soak the grain overnight. Spread it out on a clean dish towel and lay another on top. Keep this all moist and warm (approx.78[sup]O[/sup] F) until all have little roots and some start to get shoots. Then you dry them in a warm oven. Any roasting or toasting or smoking thereafter just adds flavor. you can do that or leave it as is, either way you now have wholesome delicious homemade malt.

Mashing instructions to follow in a day or so.

Any questions?


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Re: How to make a Single Malt Corn Likker at home ...

How much corn malt goes on a 50 gal. barrel of mash?

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Re: How to make a Single Malt Corn Likker at home ...

hello anon,
this was the last post オタク(otaku) made on this forum. As you can see by the date it was posted two years ago.
I'm afraid it seems unlikely you will get a response.

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Re: How to make a Single Malt Corn Likker at home ...

You only use a gallon of malt to fifty pound of corn or what ever your using
25 pounds of sugar makes one gallon of shine or 50 lbs if corn will make about the same
The malt will be your yeast

Re: How to make a Single Malt Corn Likker at home ...

this means all the corn you use doesnt have to be malted? just a percentage?

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