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FOR OVER A YEAR I have been looking for a recipe for "chinese longevity or birthday buns"
It might not be japanese, but I AM SOOOOO DESPERATE to find a recipe.

I have found a several recipes... None of them turned out like the buns I had. ToT

The main problem is that none of them are white, fluffy, and soft like the buns I had.

All the recipes I have tried are all a soft brown color, and have a wheaty-yeasty taste.

When I asked the waitress how they made them, she said that they buy them in boxes of 100, and come frozen.

I really need a recipe. Could someone help me?

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Re: HELP!!!!

(I apologize if this is a double post; I think the first one didn't take)

Do your recipes call for all-purpose flour? I'm not familiar with the name of this bun, but all Chinese buns that I've had are steamed and made with rice flour. Many internet recipes use all-purpose or wheat flour since it's easier for many people to come by and often cheaper, but using rice flour instead will give you that lovely pure white, fluffy texture and no wheaty taste. Note that this is not the glutinous rice flour used for mochi.

Do you have links to any online recipes?

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Re: HELP!!!!

I always thought that glutinous rice flour was the only kind of rice flour!!!! :O

Hopefully I can find some.... :/

Thanks sooooooo much!!! I will try this (^^)

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Re: HELP!!!!

I think there is a recipe for steamed pork buns in my Bread Bible at home. I'll check when I get home from Work :-X


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