Hello from the UK! :)

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Hi there!

I'm a 25 year old Medical Student from the UK and I actually stumbled accross Bentos whilst browsing Devianart and I thought "hey, I could start doing that!"
I am fed up of boring sandwiches and yoghurt for lunch and absolutely fell in love with the idea of these beautiful packed lunches! Plus there is something very "comforting" for me about bentos as I grew up reading ALOT of anime and manga when I lived in Duesseldorf and I can distinctly remember seeing bentos represented alot in those comics/films and thinking how much I would love to try it :) being one of 5 kids though I couldnt ask for something so complicated, but now I live alone I'm giving it a start!

I also live on the "slimming world" food plan, which basically cuts out bread and a lot of other carbs, but I am allowed as much rice and noodles etc as I want, balanced with plenty of fruit and veg! And Onigiri, to me, are the perfect way to have rice at lunch which is easy to eat and transport :)

Have made some onigiri tonight in fact for the first time and it was so much fun! Filled them with chopped up tofuballs. They are cooling in the kitchen as I type this, ready for my lunch tomorrow :)


I also noticed when making them that the seaweed sheets have an extremely comforting smell for me, as it reminds me of being shopping with my girlfriends as a teenager in Duesseldorf, in the Japanese part of town and walking past one of the massive sushibars :)

so yeah, here I am :)

thanks for having me :)



Om nom nom

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Re: Hello from the UK! :)

Hi. Must look up "slimming world". Is there a rationale behind cutting out bread but allowing rice and noodles? I always think of them as being pretty much the same nutritionally.



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Re: Hello from the UK! :)

Hi brownycarlisle!!

I know what you're saying and I dont understand how it works but it really does!! I think it's to do with 'processing' of foods etc. You don't cut out bread entirely if you don't want to! Brown bread is still okay innlimited quantities! But White bread is a complete no no. Check out the website and also www.minimins.com as they have a great SW section! Have also put up a brief description of the plan in one of the subforums here if you want to have a look :)


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Re: Hello from the UK! :)

Yo! Hello fellow UK bentoer! Nice to know we are growing in number! :)

Re: the Slimming World rules on bread, is it perhaps more to do with GI? Just throwin' that out there, I actually have no idea!

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Re: Hello from the UK! :)

I think you may be spot on with the GI values there :) I dont put much thought into it tbh :P I do it, it works, I'm happy and never hungry, and thats all I want ;)

I will post a thread in the "General food talk" section outlining how it works for those who are interested :)


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