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I thought I would pop in and introduce myself.

I am from the UK and have just come across this site and I think it is amazing. It is full of really useful information.

I am hoping to start using Bento to make lunches to take to work and to help me lose weight. I am doing weight watchers and I have a few stone to lose so I am hoping this will also help towards that goal.

I have loved all things Japanese for quite some time and I was first introduced to anime when I was at school by a friend. My obsession with all things Japanese has really spread from there and now I would like to try to use more Japanese food influences in my day to day life.


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Don't you just love those friends who introduce you to the most facinating cultures? That's how I got here, too.

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Re: Hello from UK

Go for it. I've found bentos great for weight loss.



My blog is Food and Shoes

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Re: Hello from UK

Welcome to the forum!

Haha, another japanese culture lover - Yay! And this is definatly the site to use for japanese influences in your lunch, Maki is awesome!

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Re: Hello from UK

Hello, fellow UK dweller! Glad to hear you're trying to learn more about Japanese cuisine; this is definitely the place to do it! Your story sounds a bit like mine - I first got interested in anime when I was in college (about 10 years ago - gulp!), and then my Japanophilia just went from there - learning the language, trying out recipes...still yet to visit Japan though. One day...

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Re: Hello from UK

hello british bud

i'm a newbie too! anime is the best at school. did you survive pokemon cards?

where abouts in the uk are you?

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