Hello from San Francisco!

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Hello everyone!

I'm Samantha, and I'm living in beautiful Noe Valley, San Francisco. I'm a transplant, having just moved from the east coast. (Boston/NH seacoast area). My new kitchen is fantastic, with space for my Bento supplies to grow, so I'm supremely excited! And down the street is Omnivore Books on Food (http://www.omnivorebooks.com/), the most amazing food book and cookbook shop, so I felt at home right away.

I've been making Bento for several months now, although I grew up bringing my lunches to school, so really it's just full circle.

I'm definitely a foodie- I grew up in a multi-ethnic food culture, my mother grew up in Istanbul cooking mostly Turkish, Greek, French, and (Sephardic) Jewish foods. My father grew up in Boston with an Irish nanny, a lot of Ashkenazic jewish food, and in college he errands and grocery shopping for an elderly Chinese woman in exchange for cooking lessons, so growing up we were just as likely to have traditional Chinese cuisine as well.

I've been in the kitchen my entire life, and find it to be my sanctuary.

I recently wrote an article about Bento specifically how bento is the environmentally friendly choice!
(http://greenupgrader.com/3762/the-bento-lunch/ here at GreenUpgrader)

My bento goals for this challenge are to plan my meals for the week, making sure that my weekly farmer's market acquisitions get cooked and don't go to waste. I'm going to be doing bento most days, and a few days a week for my boyfriend as well. I'm looking to get back into shape, so my exercise goals will be mainly centered around walking about an hour each day around the neighborhood, and a once weekly class, either pilates, yoga, or bootcamp.


blog: www.greenupgrader.com
foodblog: www.thesecondlunch.com
twitter/flickr: alphaprep

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Re: Hello from San Francisco!

Hi stackeff and welcome! You're really in maybe the ideal city to get into bento, what with Ichibankan in town, the Japanese groceries, and Mitsuwa in San Jose. And besides it's such a lovely place. I'm envious! :)


The Big Onigiri.

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