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My name is Kerstin and I currently live in NYC. I have been making bentos for a few months now, basically since my husband was diagnosed with celiacs and we were trying to figure out a way for him to have gluten free lunches (on a budget!). I've always loved cooking & I love japanese food, so after a little googling I came to justbento. I was completely convinced after I purchased the Just Bento Cookbook. This book is amazing and very inspiring. It encouraged me to try out a lot of different foods & be more creative with my food. My husband & I both love our lunches and I love making the bentos. I mostly cook the night before and I actually find it very relaxing. Even getting up a little earlier to make fresh bentos isn't as bad as it seemed at first. Just yesterday morning I made my first Fat Sushi Roll Bento and it was so worth it! I was so yummy, my husband actually called me to tell me how much he liked it. I also like to take pictures of my bentos and send them to my sister or mom, but they don't seem to appreciate it as much as I want them to ^^ That's why I'd love to join here and talk bento, show off my pictures, see other people's wonderful food pictures & get even more inspired to make amazing bentos...

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Joined: 19 Feb 2011
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Re: Hello from NYC

Oooh, Maki, I didn't know you were at Kinokuniya Bookstore in NYC recently. Now I'm all sad I missed that, I work literally 1 minute from there.

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