The good Japanese restaurant Hall of Fame!

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Re: The good Japanese restaurant Hall of Fame! Walnut Creek, CA

Oishi Sushi, south side of town. At dinner time every day except
Friday, $20 buys you unlimited quantities of about 30 different rolls,
8 or so sides (tempura, softshell crab, salads, miso soup, gyoza, etc.),
beverages including hot or iced tea, hot or fruity chilled sake, sodas
and lemonade; plus one plate of sashimi. Or make it $25 and add
unlimited servings of more than a dozen kinds of nigiri.

Quality is excellent (no artificial ingredients or additives), it's all
prepared to order, and I rate the flavor and texture at above-average
to well above. It's intimate, with 6 seats at the sushi bar and just
over a dozen tables. The owner and the sushi chef are friendly and
personable; waitresses are young and inexperienced.

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Re: The good Japanese restaurant Hall of Fame!

Anyone know of good restaurants in Vancouver, Canada? There were a couple good ones back in my last city, Mission, but so far the only place I've eaten at was less than stellar.

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Re: The good Japanese restaurant Hall of Fame!

I'm glad I saw this topic... I went out to dinner, oh... maybe 5-6 days ago to this new Japanese restaurant that said they were "Authentic, High-Quality, Japanese Cuisine" well boy was WRONG. So, I went in thinking 'YAY maybe an actual Japanese restaurant' well my reasoning is this: THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD EAST-ASIAN RESTAURANTS IN SOUTH JERSEY!! Reasons for my reasoning:
1) No, tamagoyaki or egg-type side
2) Nothing but "California Roll" "Philadelphia Lovers" etc.
3) O.K maybe I'm just being cynical here but to me it sounded like the waiter was putting on an accent...
I'm desperate for some good restaurants in the NYC or south jersey area please HELP! Danke!!


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Re: The good Japanese restaurant Hall of Fame!

In Fayetteville, NC, USA

Sakura (sushi bar)

Their unagi-maki and white miso soup are great!

Miyabi of Kyoto (resturaunt/ habachi/ sushi bar/ pub)

Everything I've tried was good, but I really liked their "Emerald Roll". Besides rice, it has urchin eggs, avocado, cucumber, eel, and something else that I can't quite recall. No nori in that one.

Matsuri Sports Bar
(Besides the obvious, they also have sushi and RAMEN)

Their Miso Ramen was very good. The unagi a waitress carried past my seat smelled wonderful, but I was not feeling well, and was just there for the soup.


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London, UK

My recommendation for London would have to be Sushi-Say, outside Willesden Green Tube station. It's reasonably expensive during the week, but on Sundays they have various lunch specials (normally a sushi set or doniburi, plus miso soup, pickles and a simmered veg dish) starting at about £10. They also make all their own ice cream, with some very interesting and subtle flavours - I go mad for the chestnut, coffee, green tea, coconut ones. The restaurant is small and gets full pretty quickly, but you can sit and admire the sushi chef's work in the open plan kitchen. The staff are lovely, too.

Pittsburgh, Pa, USA

Couple of good places to try.

For upscale, excellent food and sushi try Umi.

Good home style food, small place try Chaya or Kiku We really like the shabu-shabu at Kiku and its about the only place in Pittsburgh other than the market where you can find natto, if you like natto, which I love.

Not strictly Japanese (Korean really, owned by a very nice family that runs a quality establishment), but has really good sushi at great prices and also some good noodle dishes try Sushi Kim.

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Re: The good Japanese restaurant Hall of Fame!

I posted the message above but I have my JustHungry account now and wanted to add the following.. I had a great bento today for lunch at a place in Pittsburgh that someone earlier mentioned in this thread.. Tokyo Japanese Market

The owner is a nice guy and willing to stop and talk and help you out of you are looking for something. (Since I don't read Japanese I might know what I am looking for in English, but finding it on the shelf is a different challenge) :)

Hard to beat a good lunch for $5.95. of course i needed to stock up on staples so the out the door bill was a bit more than that, but all worth it.


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Re: The good Japanese restaurant Hall of Fame!

Another great place for rolls is Michi Sushi in Campbell, CA. Anytime I am in the San Francisco area I make it a point to stop there.

great sushi, some of the best grilled collar's I have ever had and very friendly. They have the largest selections of roll's that I have ever seen (something like 100+ on the menu) plus quite a few that you need to know to ask for. I also strongly recommend their nigorizake. It looks like milk, tastes devine and its somewhat on the sweet side.

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Re: The good Japanese restaurant Hall of Fame!

Well a new one opened here in town, Hibachi Grill (redundant name), is a pan-Asian buffet.
They had mostly Chinese and Japanese food. I had Inari-zushi to start and it was just incredible, then I had some Chicken Yakitori, and it was pretty good too(but not quite as good as mine). Then I had some General Tso's Chicken*, it was also really good. We had a coffee flavored Kasutera cake for dessert.

The staff are Chinese so practicing your Japanese there is not a good idea. It will totally confuse your waitress. I thought it was hilarious that the guy manning the Hibachi was wearing a hapi coat that said ラーメン (Ramen) on it, tho' I didn't say as much. He couldn't read it and neither could the other people in line. I asked him if they served ramen too, and he asked why I had asked, and when I said that I'd read it on his hapi coat, he seemed a bit shocked to learn its meaning.

The only downside to this place that I saw was the lack of Asian teas. They only had black hot English tea and Iced Black Tea. Of course most Asian restaurants around here only carry Southern Sweet Tea.

*Chinese-American dish invented in a Chinese Restaurant in NY City.

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Greater Manila, Philippines

If any of you are ever in the capital of the Philippines, I would highly recommend Omakase. They have several branches around the metro. My husband and I are huge fans of Japanese cuisine. We have tried a vast amount of restaurants and we almost always conclude that they are inferior to Omakase. They have the best sushi, maki, and sashimi, and they have a good spread of other dishes as well. For Php850 (US$17 current rates) a couple can dine well and be very satisfied.

For a slightly cheaper but not inferior meal, I would suggest Sushiya. Ironically, I would recommend their customizable teishoku (which is popularly known as bento boxes here ^ ^;; ) for around Php600 (US$12) a couple.

Re: The good Japanese restaurant Hall of Fame!

I don't get how anyone can complain about Japanese food. It's the best asian type food forsure. Not only is the sushi good, but they create some of the best edamame in the world. Alongside great chefs that are always funny. I cannot complain about the food. It's even better in Japan. I just got back and the U.S. chefs that cook Japanese food do not compare to the authentic Japanese chefs in Japan. Trust me. Go there. :)

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Re: The good Japanese restaurant Hall of Fame!

Well, this is an old thread but threads like this should be constantly updated so...

From what I see no one on the forums lives where I live: Canada, British Columbia, Prince George. We're considered the 'Northern Capital' because we have the highest population of all the northern towns. Aaaand, that doesn't say much since we have pretty much nothing here.

BUT we do have an awesome restaurant Downtown! The 'Japanese Wasabi Sushi Wonton House' is, so far, the best Japanese restaurant we have in PG. They are MSG free and a meal for two can be as little as twenty dollars. Since PG is landlocked and ten hours from any other large town the ingredients are very nice and relatively fresh (have yet to meet any restaurant that can cook shrimp properly in PG). I don't go often because I live half an hour from town and live on a budget. Whenever I treat myself I go there, though.

So if you're ever in Prince George (for whatever reason) go to the 'Japanese Wasabi Sushi Wonton House' on 395 Quebec Street by Dominion st. And that's the only contribution I have. I believe a new restaurant opened Downtown so I'll have to check it out with my Mum.

Re: The good Japanese restaurant Hall of Fame!

Nominate Sushi Nori in San Diego suburb of Escondido. It is a small restaurant in a strip mall but has gained much acclaim over the four years it has been open. The sushi chefs are artists and you must try to specials...which change everyday based on fresh ingredients and the chef's imagination. Don't think there is an online menu or website but you can book and get a discount coupon at San Diego Restaurants.

Durham, NC

I was wary of Koumi Express on North Roxboro because, seriously, drive-through Japanese food? In North Carolina? But the main squeeze and I gave it a shot, and I was pleasantly surprised. The menu is more entree-centric, with a few sushi rolls are available. We split a cucumber roll by way of a sort-of appentizer (contained takuwan!!!!) and I had a combination platter minus the "shrimp sauce" (which I can only figure is a concession to The South.) The meat was perfectly good, juicy & tender, but the vegetables were off the charts.

I'm unfortunately ill-equipped to judge whether sushi is good or authentic by Japanese standards, but I enjoy Sushi Love (near Duke Hospital), and Akashi (near 54/55, and if you want to make a day of it, eat at Bombay Grill next door too.) Akashi is responsible for my introduction to umeboshi, so I am forever in their debt. :D

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Re: The good Japanese restaurant Hall of Fame!

Anyone know of anywhere good in Montreal?

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