G'Day from Australia (Another Aussie!)

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I hate that word! G'day...

I am a mum of 2 little ones. They're around 11 months apart, and yes I have my hands full. My oldest Daughter, Asuka-Marie is 15 months old, and is a cheeky little monkey! While my little boy, Danté, is only just 3 months and a grizzly bear! (Asuka is pronounced As-kah with a breathy 'u' in between, and it is Japanese!)

I have only been doing Bento for 2 days now! Yes I know... A friend of mine sent me this site and I was all over it! I was already doing home made dishes like chicken nuggets, sausage rolls, meatballs ect. and adding in the delicious presentation and healthy arrangement of Bento is making my life so much easier! Instead of just throwing in 4 sausage rolls for her consuption she now has a healthy array of foods in all shapes, sizes and textures. She is eating more already!!

Here is little Asuka's first Bento's! (Before and Afters)

Yesterday: We have... Oranges, Grapes, Homemade sausage rolls (pork+chicken mince with grated carrot and zucchini), 4 vegemite circle sandwiches and 4 cheesy stars.

Today Bento: vegemite sandwich flowers, potato hearts, chicken nuggets, rice crackers and strawberries!

Any Aussies out there by the way? I'm looking for stores to get a proper Bento box fitted for her age, and also one for my husband and I. Maybe this will help me actually eat once in a while. I get so busy I forget to do so! Isn't it hectic?
I have been tipped off about a store in Toowong, Brisbane that sells Sanrio + Hello Kitty Bento stuff. I am going to check it out tomorrow hopefully!

Oh and me... Well, I'm just me. Nobody overly special. I have a few passing hobbies, and hoping that I can continue to make healthy food for my children. It's one of my biggest concerns with them. I'm not the best housekeeper, I'm working on it ;) But I want to get the food downpat first. No point having a clean house if your children are eating unhealthy!

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Re: G'Day from Australia (Another Aussie!)

Hi, I'm not an Aussie, but I am a Kiwi and my son and his wife (from Adelaide) and kids (born in Broome and Adelaide) live in Australia. That makes me a frequent visitor, at the very least.

Welcome to Just Bento.



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Re: G'Day from Australia (Another Aussie!)

Hi Jadles! I'm from Australia too, though I'm not born here..
I've been bento-ing for a while but I hope this site http://lunchinabox.net/ would be useful for you ^^

I think children likes colorful things, so decor lunch boxes should work pretty well :)


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Re: G'Day from Australia (Another Aussie!)


I'm into bento as well...but supplying it to Australian...do let me know if you need anything..i will try to get for you..

And btw, I'm based in Mlebourne.

bentoozz [at] gmail [dot] com

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