Freezer stash - what's in yours?

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Re: Freezer stash - what's in yours?

Why would you want to? They're dried and keep perfectly well in the cupboard. At least the ones I have do - is there some other sort I don't know about?

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Re: Freezer stash - what's in yours?

new freezer stash items for me anyway

bento sized samosas
servings of grilled meat
the usual baby meatloaves and chicken wings

I prep pasta salad ahead for the week in the fridge
hard boiled eggs and cut up fruit for quick breakfasts

Erica Rhyn
Re: Freezer stash - what's in yours?

Not enough!

Portioned Rice
Shumai Dumplings
Pork Soboro
Berries (haven't used these in a while)
The soaking water from dried shiitakes

Thinking of having another cooking day on Tuesday.

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