Extra large bento boxes?

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i was wondering if any extra super large bento boxes are available...i eat quite a bit and a regular one would not really help unless i packed around 3-4 of them for lunch which would be pretty impractical you know...any suggestions/recommendations?

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Re: Extra large bento boxes?

There are man sized bentos which are around 900 ml. Or you can use container that suits your needs, I usually go for this option if I am packing soup or salad (400-500 ml of either is just not enough for me).

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Re: Extra large bento boxes?

haha i just saw an ad on the main page for "manly bento boxes" which i thought sounded kind of funny...but thanks i'll definitely have to check those out

Re: Extra large bento boxes?

All the sites that sell bento boxes sell ones with bigger capacities. I know that Bento&Co classify their bento boxes by size and I know there's one bento that's at least 1L!

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Re: Extra large bento boxes?

I have some large boxes, not necessarily bento boxes, just plastic ones that have lids that clip shut, to use for things like salads and packing multiple onigiri for a trip. The large size Sigg box pictured here is great for this. (Though I don't recommend packing it as a regular bento, with rice and so on. I tried that once for a bento-for-two on a long trip from the south of France to London via train, thinking it may do us for two meals...and a good third or more was still left over!)


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Re: Extra large bento boxes?

I have a three tier metal tiffin from to-go ware (http://www.to-goware.com/store/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=51). It has plenty of room for food ... one container for a full-size sandwich, one for a large salad, and one for 2+ pieces of chopped up fruit. Everything clips together for easy travel. If you packed this thing with more dense foods like pasta,rice, or meat dishes, I can't imagine you wouldn't have enough room for even a huge appetite.


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Re: Extra large bento boxes?

While the "manly bento boxes" may be the way to go with your big appetite, you mght also look at the kind of food you are packing into your bento box. My husband has both an 800 ml and 900 ml box and sometimes he can't finish the contents at one sitting; and other times I have to supplement the main box with a small snack box. A green, leafy salad might leave you a little unsatisfied, but a salad with a variety of fiber-dense vegetables, legumes, and a protein might be just right. And don't forget to pack a small, sweet treat (a chocolate mint, a perfect little clementine, or one crunchy cookie) to finish the meal. "Small" and "treat" are the operative words here.

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Re: Extra large bento boxes?

I got a lovely 800ml bento from Casa Bento - I'm 5"11 and fairly active, and while I want to lose weight the little 500ml boxes aren't enough food for a tall woman like me!
My husband is also pretty active & doesn't like the 'faff' of a bento box, so he has a lock & lock tupperware inside a lunchbox coolbag. His bento goes in the tupperware and everything else fits into the bag, so no hassle.
I do agree with the others about calorie dense foods though - it really does depend on what and how you pack up!

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Re: Extra large bento boxes?

The Gel-Cool Earth 2 tier boxes are 1L together. (each tier is 500ml).


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Re: Extra large bento boxes?

Ive seen a few that would work for 1 meal, lets say lunch, but when you work a 12 hour day one puny "large" bento box will not do.
What Id like to see is two containers around 20 liquid oz then perhaps two more at 10oz at least and maybe two more at 5oz for "coffee" breaks. that would be my perfect bento box

Gina-Rose Stalley
Re: Extra large bento boxes?

i'm from the uk and i just imported a box from japan which has a cute sheep pattern on but is tiny does anyone know if you can get larger boxes with cute paterns on xx

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Re: Extra large bento boxes?

How tiny? Bento boxes do tend to look very small, even though they're quite large enough to hold a good sized meal when packed tightly. You might be surprised how much food you can fit in it. But just supposing that yours really is very small, not to worry, there are heaps of cute bento boxes of proper meal size.



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Re: Extra large bento boxes?

My hungry partner has this one:
http://en.bentoandco.com/products/nonbiri It's 950ml, but long so it fits in a messenger bag well.

Bento&co give dimensions as well as capacities which I find helps me visualise boxes better before buying (I use a ruler!)

the nonbiri box has been really successful, we pack about half the top for breakfast, then the rest for lunch. I put a sample meal into fitday and found it was about 900-1000 calories (we eat a high-fat, low carb diet). Breakfast will usually be a boiled egg, cheese, fruit and nuts, then for lunch, 2or3 vegetable dishes like pickles, kinpara or stirfry with plenty of oil and seeds and homemade meatballs (usually pork or turkey), with some extras like cherry tomatoes and small pieces of chocolate tucked into the top tier.

If we're having leftovers instead of bento, we use a lock-type 800ml-ish for things like chili with cheese and spinach on top, then a small side container with the breakfast bits.

If you need more than a thousand calories of nutrient dense food you will probably simple need more than one box, or use a picnic box or large stacking tiffin as mentioned above. There's no point getting a box that won't fit your preferred method of carrying (i.e I can't fit square boxes in my satchel) so 2 stacked on top might work best?

Good luck exploring your options, and it's worth putting a normal meal into a box to understand quite how different the volumes are to how they might appear!

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