The difference time makes

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Recently I've been trying "new" things - things that in the past, I haven't liked. Even though I remember trying them in the past and being thoroughly disgusted with these foods, by trying them again I have opened up delicious new possibilities for cooking! Mostly seafood like shrimp, prawns, crab, scallops, clams, but also just today Soy Milk.

This one was tricky for me, since I have a very clear memory of trying it at my (vegetarian) friend's house when I was 13 or so and barely being able to get the stuff down. But, standing in line at one of my university's many food places - I hadn't planned on being here for lunch - I needed a drink, and preferably a cheap one. I didn't really want milk, since I'd been drinking it at home a lot. On a leap of faith, I decided to try it - turns out it's really tasty! I guess the lesson is always try things if given the opportunity, you never know.

So, what foods did you dislike as a kid that you like now? What things do you still hate?

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Re: The difference time makes

Milk, but that's because we had school milk when I was at school and it wasn't refrigerated before we drank it at 9am. It was yukky. I grew to like the stuff when I was pregnant and my older female relatives used to bring me chocolate milk flavouring stuff so I'd drink my milk - it got to be too sweet and after a few months I was drinking milk and liking it.

Brussels sprouts. Lots of veges actually - pregnancy again. I didn't exactly have cravings, but I all of a sudden liked veges I'd previously hated.

Olives and anchovies and other salty things. And gin. They just come with age I think, your tastebuds get less sensitive.



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Re: The difference time makes

Nowadays I'll often use soy milk in my coffee and cold breakfast cereal. I used to have a strong aversion to the flavor; to me it was foul compared to the normal cow's milk. For about a 6-month time period, however, I eliminated dairy in my diet for the most part, and used soy milk almost exclusively instead. Now I'm perfectly happy using it for whatever.

My friend's wife used to think cilantro (pak chi/coriander leaf) was the worst thing in the world until she got pregnant for the first time. Now she can't resist it.

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Re: The difference time makes
Tanuki wrote:

My friend's wife used to think cilantro (pak chi/coriander leaf) was the worst thing in the world until she got pregnant for the first time. Now she can't resist it.

I'm so jealous! Wish that had happened to me (both cilantro and brussel sprouts, but particularly cilantro, are kryptonite as far as my tastebuds are concerned.
I developed an unexpected passion for flat leaf parsley during my pregnancy which has stayed with me, but that's about it.

Interesting that shiso was associated with cumin in that other thread. I have a strong dislike for cumin but love shiso leaves.

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Re: The difference time makes

Yeah, to me the flavor of shiso is sort of - if you could take cumin seed and put it in leaf form, with a bit of added je ne sais quoi - something sharp and vegetal, like just a touch of basil/mint/watercress/fennel? Anyways, one guy's opinion.

The complaint I hear from people who hate coriander leaf is that it tastes 'soapy' or 'muddy' to them. I can understand the association but can't imagine disliking it myself.

Besides Brussels sprouts do you like the other brassica veg - cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower et al?

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Re: The difference time makes

I'm slowly coming around to tomatoes.

My boyfriend has gotten me to eat mushrooms, now I want to start learning ways to cook them. I just want a big fat meaty(not real meat!) mushroom burger!

I didn't like shrimp as a kid, now I looove it.


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Re: The difference time makes

I did have an aversion to tomatoes, oranges, and chunks of meat when I was younger. Some time during middle school I discovered my love of salsa and that put an end to not liking tomatoes. And my godmother gave me a good orange from her orange tree which proved to me that not all oranges were as horrible as the wedges I had gotten in day care. But much to my parent's (and now my husband's) displeasure I still cannot handle the texture of meat, eve vegan meat replacements are gross to me.

I guess I am somewhat lucky in that growing up my parents had a very bland, meat and carb based diet so I had never tried some of the things that I now eat regularly. Growing up this way I was not given a chance to dislike many foods. And speaking to my mother the other day about some lovely butternut squash I had made, she confessed that she had never really tried butternut squash, but that will change soon enough when I bring some to thanksgiving :)

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Re: The difference time makes

I have some opposite that I used to love, that I can't stand anymore...mostly very sugary snacks and things. Twinkies for instance - I used to love them, but I had one a few years ago and had to spit it out because it tasted disgusting!

Another thing I used to love, but can't stand anymore...Pilsbury Crescent Rolls. They taste almost metallic to me or something.

I used to have a hard time with tomatoes...but now I know it's because they were pale, pink, tasteless, woolly textured shadows of the real thing Now I cannot have tomatoes in the winter. (Except for cherry tomatoes, which are pretty decent year round.)


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Re: The difference time makes

I have a hard time eating any of the junk food I used to eat, it is just completely unappealing to me. Like fast food fries, now they just seem tasteless, salty and greasy; but I still crave baked home fries and homemade baked chips. But I really cannot handle anything too sweet either, for some reason I cannot even drink juice or any fruity mixed drinks (even soy milk has been tasting too sugary to me lately).

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Re: The difference time makes

Since I've grown up, I have come to love quite a few things. Cheese, pate, curry, bell peppers to name a few. I was a very picky eater as a child and refused quite a lot of things. Growing up in Northern Ireland where the staple food is potatoes was hard as I hated them! Now I'm happy to try most things a few times before I decide if I really don't like them.

Tofu is a weird one for me. I can't stand it in a natural state as the blocks or soft variety, but I love the inari sushi skins! Perhaps it's because they are deep fried??

Ready meals I detest and a lot of convenience foods too. I prefer to make food from scratch, that's why I think bento is so successful for me.


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Re: The difference time makes

Hmm. let's see... I know that I hated cauliflower and squash. And lima beans too. I can do summer squash and such now, haven't had limas in a while, and I'm still working on that cauliflower. Looks like I need to do some cleaning out of my fridge. But since I started to try to do local only as much as possible, I've also started to eat things I normally wouldn't (or were detered from eating because of cost or such other things). So, radishes, kale, wax beans, peppers, some Asian greens I can't remember the name of to save my life, and even some pretty yummy cheeses that I didn't know existed. I don't think I'll be able to go back to just cheddar. And apples. My god, the apples around here are SO GOOD. I'm so used to them being mealy and... bleh.

Ahehehehe... I've gone on way too long. ^^; Vegetables are rather exciting now days for me. Next to find some potatoes...

Re: The difference time makes

Apples! I hated raw apples as a kid, and I think it stems from bad daycare experiences as someone else mentioned. I hated the grainy texture. Now I know that good apples are crisp, not grainy, and I enjoy them.

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Re: The difference time makes

Mussels. I hated them when i was a child. When i was 13, my mussel-lover dad finaly got me to like their flavor.
Well it was not the flavor but ther appearence. Yuck. I got used to them until A WEEK later our science teacher told us to bring some mussels for our dissection class.

Never ever tried them again after that afternoon, and 16 years passed since then.

When I was a child i liked almost everything. I guess I'm lucky because both my 2 grandmas and my mum are great cooks :)
But well I guess i hated fish; now I love it :)
But what i always hated are clementines. It's not that i dislike their flavor (i somewhat tolerate it), it's just i HATE the smell their skin leaves in my hands. Yuck.
Oh, and cheese. I now love every kind of cheese, and the older the better! (except for the blue one, it's too much for me), when i was a child i just couldn't bear with it >_<


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Re: The difference time makes

I hated most vegetables as a child (but luckily, I had responsible parents who made sure I ate healthy whether I liked it or not ^^). As I grew older, I still didn't like the TASTE of veg, but ate them readily. Then, I went off to college where the most commonly served veg in the cafeteria was greasy onions and bell peppers (There are some fabulous recipes for onions and bell peppers. This cafeteria had clearly never heard of any of them.) I practically became a vegetarian after that, and now I love veg. I think my problem was that growing up, we only ever ate vegetables steamed with a little butter and salt, which tastes okay, but gets boring after so many years. I'm not a vegetarian now, but I've learned some fabulous ways to cook veg.

I agree with Maki--my tolerance for sugar has lowered as I grow older (probably a good thing). I still love sweets in small amounts, especially dark chocolate, but now I can't tolerate any kind of gummy candy unless it's the 100%-organic-made-with-real-fruit type, which is really hard to come by.

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