Black Sesame Steamed Cupcakes

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My oven has been acting up lately, so I've been looking for more stovetop recipes. This black sesame cupcake recipe was wonderful, so I thought I'd share. ^^
I can't find commercial black sesame paste, so I used this instead:
My cupcakes came out a light gray color instead of a lovely deep black, but they tasted great.

I've never steamed cupcakes before, so I greased the inside of my silicone cupcake liners like I always do, but the sides of the cupcake pulled away from the liner, so I probably won't bother greasing next time. I did one batch with a makeshift stovetop steamer and one more in the rice cooker's steamer basket (didn't leave them in for the whole cycle). Both batches basically came out the same, but the rice cooker ones seemed to have a nicer shape.

I wonder if this could be made with regular tahini instead of black sesame paste?

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Re: Black Sesame Steamed Cupcakes

I don't know how much you used since I can't see the top recipie. It sounds from your discription like you should add more of the seeds so that the paste is less fluid. I wouldn't worry about the colour, comercial paste probably contains black colouring.

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Re: Black Sesame Steamed Cupcakes

Sorry about that! That blog didn't require a login when I made the post. Looks like I won't be making these cupcakes anymore. T.T

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Re: Black Sesame Steamed Cupcakes

I looked at the recipe when another_amanda started this thread and didn't make the cakes, but that was because the recipe required lots of egg whisking, something I'm going to be unable to do for a while.

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