Bento storage?

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Where and how do you store and organize your bentos and accessories? My cabinets are a MESS. Do you have anything you use to organize? Extra points for a photo!


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Re: Bento storage?

That's a very good question...I would like to know too ^_^; (Mine are in several cardboard boxes...but then I am still sort of homeless so...) Since I have to build a kitchen in our new house soon, I'm seriously thinking about the best ways to store all those boxes and gear!


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Re: Bento storage?

Since I have a 1940's kitchen, so I don't have a lot of cabinet space. I store them collapsed and stacked in a small portion of the an upper cabinet with all the little odds and ends stored in a tupperware. Granted I only have 4 bento boxes and a small container of odds and ends, but really that is more than enough for me.

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Re: Bento storage?

I have a bit of a problem in this area. At present I have my boxes and furoshikis in kitchen drawers, and the small bits and pieces in a small set of plastic drawers I got from the Warehouse (New Zealand Wal-Mart type of shop).



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Re: Bento storage?

The boxes fit pretty easily into their own section of the cabinet. It's the "gear" I have problems storing. I had everything in a drawer organizer purchased from IKEA, but the collection outgrew that and now just hangs out in a big tupperware container. For the most part it's not a problem and I can find what I need, but still I have to dig around a bit to find what I'd like to use.

Re: Bento storage?

Okay, this made me want to get organized, so I culled my gear (sauce bottles with no lids, nori punches that never really worked well, torn furikake patterns) and put them in a drawer organizer from Target. I like this one because the blue part pulls out to expand and fit the drawer.

Re: Bento storage?

I don't have that many bento gear and boxes, therefore I can put all my gear into a sewing basket. I think it's pretty cool because it has several little plastic trays and so small things like sauce bottles or picks can't get lost. Apart from being perfectly organised as far as bento gear is concerned, I also have a little problem with my boxes... I just stacked them on my kitchen shelf, but I don't like that solution very much ._.

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Re: Bento storage?

I think a sewing box is a lovely idea for bento accessories.

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Re: Bento storage?

My kitchen is fairly small, so I store most of my items in large, clear Rubbermaid totes (a couple of my more "elegant" boxes are on display in my front room). The smaller items like picks are stored in small Lock and Lock boxes within the totes. I don't pack an actual "box" everyday, though, so this works well for me.

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Re: Bento storage?

I just wanted to share! I just bought these to organize all my accessories. I'll let you know how it works! Thanks for all the ideas. Now the boxes? That's another story.

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Re: Bento storage?

I use a large see through plastic tote for my bento boxes. It fits in my "extra" Ikea cupboard. They all fit in there so far (and several are drying in the dish drainer - but they fit too). I seriously need a bigger kitchen!!

My gadgets and doo-dads are in a drawer. But I was only able to have that drawer after I put a hanging set of wire "baskets" to hold my tinfoil, plastic wrap, waxed paper, and baggies. Though, now that we use bento boxes - I'm not so sure we need baggies anymore...


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