Bento for Kidney Disease

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An idea just popped in my head a few days ago and I wanted to post it and get opinions on it.

I have recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 Kidney Disease. (This simply means my kidneys are not working as well as they should and we are trying to get them to reboot.) I am thinking bentos would be a wonderful way to help me keep my food in check.

I go to see a nutritionist tomorrow and hopefully she will be able to give me a bit more solid information on what * I * need to do.

Now for my question, Do you think I should start a blog on this? Would you be interested in what I come up with?

If anyone is going through the same thing any opinions and suggestions would be wonderful!

Can't wait for the comments! Thanks for reading will return the favor!


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Re: Bento for Kidney Disease

I think that sounds like a very interesting blog topic. I'm sure there are many people looking for tasty things to eat that are still good for their bodies. Let us know if you start up the blog!


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Re: Bento for Kidney Disease

My dad has severe kidney and pancreas problems, so I would be very interested in reading about blogs geared towards kidney health. My mother and I are having problems trying to figure out anything that he can eat and is still willing to eat.

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Re: Bento for Kidney Disease

My dad thinks it would be a good idea as well. As far as my compiling a book of recipes for Kidney Disease. I know books on this probably exist all ready but nothing says I can't try to put my spin on it.

Anon: I don't know if anything I post would be able to help your dad, but you are more then welcome to give the recipes a shot. I'm having to base them on my needs which I will make clear in the blog (I should have it up in a few days) also understand I am NOT a nutritionist, dietitian, or doctor of any kind anything I suggest is my personal thought.

Will post the link in a few days

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Re: Bento for Kidney Disease

Well, if you can start a blog on how to cook tasty stuff for kidney disease patient it would be wonderful.
My father had kidney failure and he found extremely difficult to cook and eat interesting meals, since for example most vegetables and fruits were not good for him because of too high potassium or other minerals.... It is a very "different" kind of diet, and rather counterintuitive since most things that are supposed to be "good for you" are actually forbidden.
God luck with your health

Re: Bento for Kidney Disease

I think this is a great idea renal disease is incredibly common. It would not only an interesting read but helpful to others.

Re: Bento for Kidney Disease

I think that would be a great idea. When I was much younger, I had kidney disease, and I remember the weird culinary contortions that my mother and my grandmother had to go through to give me the diet I needed. I bet they would've found a blog like this really helpful! Go for it!

Re: Bento for Kidney Disease

hey its already march, have you started that blog? lol i think that would be cool! i actually am on dialysis and i also have to watch my diet but i find most of these recipies already here are pretty healthy, just choose the ones you can have and stay away from or limit the ones with ingredients you know aren't as good for you. i am making bentolunch for my mom when she goes to work because she needs to eat healthy as well as lose weight.. i cook both our dinners so i can use those kidney friendly bento recipe of yours for our dinner and leftovers for the bento lunch! hope you share!

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