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There is a 99p store right next to my chiropractor's office, so I pop in every other week. Today I scored a set of 6 silicone cups as well as a set of 10 mini cups. They had them in orange, pink and blue and only 99p per set!

Compared to what I have seen them priced at elsewhere, it seemed like a good deal so I thought I'd share for the UK members. :)

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Re: Bento bargain found (UK)

Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely have a look in the 99p store we have in Hammersmith.

If you're into separating ingredients, I recently found an absolute bargain - Whole Foods (the Kensington store) is doing a "back to school" display in which you can get a grab bag of 12 little mini containers in all shapes and sizes (flowers, squares) and colours for £4.99. They can be popped inside most bento boxes and are ideal for taking some dips, raisins, anything you don't want to shake loose all over your bento...

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Re: Bento bargain found (UK)

I've found the exact ones you described in Poundland, so I paid ever so slightly more than you did!

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