Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^


Remember back in August, when we did a week of Back To School articles and giveaways? The last giveaway, which received the most entries/comments by far, was for my book. Unfortunately, despite repeated attempts to contact the winner, it’s gone unclaimed. The poor book feels very sad and unwanted, like Anne Shirley when she arrived at Green Gables the first time.

So…I’ve decided to have another drawing! What’s up for grabs, as before: a signed copy of The Just Bento Cookbook. To enter, leave a comment to this post. Email subscribers: you must click through to the site and leave a comment, not reply by email; I will discard all email replies!.

Be sure to put a valid email address where you can be reached in the appropriate text box (the one that says “E-mail”). In the subject of the comment, tell us where you’re from (town/state/country - nothing too specific!) To make it a bit more fun, answer this question too: If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?

Your comment/entry must be in before 23:59:59 CET (just before midnight of Friday, October 15, 2010. That’s right, you have only 2 days to enter! In addition, you must claim your prize before Monday, October 17 if you want your signed copy ASAP, because I’m leaving home for a few weeks then. (If I don’t hear back from the winner before Monday, she or he will have to wait until December for me to send out the book.) I’ll announce the winner soon after midnight CET on Saturday, October 16 - which will be after 6pm Eastern time/3pm Pacific time on Friday. This one will go fast! Good luck!

(The winner has been announced! Thank you to everyone who participated - sorry if you didn’t win ^_^;)

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Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Hi! I am from Austin, Texas! My last meal would have to be a bowl of brown rice, broccoli, and black beans topped with salsa and sprouts. And for dessert, I would have a piece of gluten-free, vegan carrot cake. Thanks!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My last meal...probably special sushi rolls and hand rolls at my favorite sushi bar, and lots of Kirin beer!

I placed an order for this book several months ago, but Amazon says it won't be out till January. If I win the drawing, I'll be able to enjoy the book that much sooner! :-)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

chicken consomme . liver pate with pumpurnickel,
a spinach salad with a rasberry dressing. and a lemon custard bar with a nice cup of cappucinno. after such a nice meal I rather not get executed but take a nap instead.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Hmmmmm... something with lots of wonderful mushrooms. A mushroom feast. And then for a snack some fugu sushi (because there's nothing left to lose when you're about to be executed)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

No doubt, BBQ pork rice with an egg and bak choi. Probably would be my staple meal of my lifetime.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I'm currently living in Landshut, near Munich in Germany (originally I hail a bit further from the West, near Stuttgart).

Uh, a last meal? That's a hard one ... I guess it would be some nostalgic food from my childhood, like Spaghetti Bolognese or the pasta gratin my mom used to make (with sour cream, pickled cucumbers and ham).

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My last meal would be a bold departure from the healthy-leaning, reasonable fare I aim for every day ~ in other words, it would be a Southern U.S. feast: biscuits and redeye gravy, fried catfish, pulled chicken Carolina-barbecue style, red velvet cake, and lemon icebox pie. Well, maybe some collards for balance. And champagne! Oh, wait, there has to be something, an aperitif of petits fours and Calvados brandy.

I could probably dream up a completely different Last Menu two minutes from now. How does anyone ever decide?

Finally: I promise that your cookbook would feel happy and welcomed in my kitchen, despite the heart-stopping menu suggested above.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Nashville, TN

Without a doubt it would have to be chicken scallopini! It has everything: Tender chicken in a crunchy crust, pasta, pancetta, artichokes, and of course GARLIC CREAM SAUCE. It even has those lovely little cute capers :) Rosemary focaccia and a nice spring mix with calamatas n vinegrette please.

Please people be civilized! Stop cutting your bread, you are mashing all the little air pockets the yeast worked to hard to lovelies and tear your bread so I can eat my meal in peace.

Ahem....sorry...had a flashback of my last meal in public.

Anyhoo, all my favs in one meal. Can you throw in some Tiramisu and a nice Cappucino?? Asking too much?? Okay, just the scallopini then. :D

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Comstock Park, Michigan USA
Steak, potato and some really good cupcakes!
Here's hoping I'll win. I need to Bento for my picky,picky 10 years old to eat better!

Columbus, Oh, USA

My grandma's Sicilian rice balls: rice with parmesan and egg with a meatball inside, breaded and deep-fried. Also masses of Chinese potstickers, my mom's kakiaage (carrot and onion!), all the steamed green vegetables could eat, and more rice. Roast chicken, candied yams, and broccoli cheese rice casserole if there is room :)

Lancashire, England

It's tough but I think that miso soup would make it onto the menu, egg fried rice, kimchi, fudge cake. And a big plater of English and French cheeses with chutneys and bread. Easy to please!!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I too like all kinds of food, so this is difficult, but, I think it would have to be rare roast leg of lamb, tabouli and some stuffed grape leaves.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My last meal would be German Labskaus. :-)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

For my last meal I'd have to go with something I haven't had in years and years...

Kentucky. Fried. Chicken.

Sinful and disgusting. Good last meal.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I live in Oslo, Norway. n__n

If I was going to die tomorrow, I'd spend all day cooking! There are so many things I love it's virtually impossible to make up my mind.

But if I had to choose I would probably eat the very Norwegian and homey dish finnbiff. It is made by frying thinly shaven reindeer meat, mushrooms and onions, adding a bit of water and letting it boil until tender, and then adding cream or sour cream, or both!, until the sauce is thick and creamy. It is seasoned with lingonberries, juniper berries and brunost (brown cheese). I don't think I've ever hear of anyone outside of Norway using many of these ingredrients, but they taste fantastic! This dish served with mashed potatoes is creamy and satisfying "comfort food".

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Knoxville, Tennessee

I currently have a cold, so right now, some homemade chicken noodle soup with some good bread on the side sounds like a really nice last meal to me!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?

My last meal would start off with a toro sashimi appetizer, followed by a kobe beef with some fancy mashed potatoes, and finished off with baked alaska!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Oh please oh please oh please! I LOVE cookbooks, I collect and treasure signed books and I ADORE your blog! I am oh-so-sad for your first winner to have lost out but oh-so-happy to have a second chance to win!

Okay, last supper dinner.... A chocolate milkshake from Fudruckers. crab rangoon with duck sauce for an appitizer, alhoo gohbi over basmati rice as my main dish, a side of basil pesto over homemade mushroom tortellini (I've always loved a little bite of everything!), garlic bread and to top it off a sundae made with four different types of Ben and Jerry's ice cream (half baked, cookie dough, cherry garcia and peanut butter cup) with hot fudge ALL over :) I'm extra happy just thinking about it!

amanda [dot] rose [dot] walker [at] gmail [dot] com

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I would want a full table of Korean BBQ and sides with rice and the whole deal.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I'm from Tennessee!

I think I would go the nostalgia route for my last meal: cinnamon toast made with homemade butter on my mother's homemade sourdough bread. Hot chocolate made with real whole milk, chocolate, and sugar. (Maybe a little liqueur, too.)

Madison, WI

If I were going to be executed the next day, I would eat anything, but I would ask for death by chocolate!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

From New York City

My last meal would be my mom's gyoza - delicious!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Your book would have a wonderful home here in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Thank you for this opportunity to win your book.

My last meal? Ummmm.....perhaps a plateful of steamed king crab legs, lobster and clams with rich drawn butter. Who cares about unhealthy when you're being executed, right?

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

my last meal would HAVE to be my grandmother's Thanksgiving meal >.<

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Elon, North Carolina

If I were to be executed, (what have I done to deserve execution?!) I think I would want my last meal to be cheese-filled perogis, baked cauliflower, carrots and sweet potatoes as sides and buckeye balls for dessert. Not a very nutritious or balanced meal, but very delicious.

Essex, Canada

If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?

Hm, this is a tough one. I think I'd go with hot and sour soup, made by the chef of my favorite, sadly now closed down, dim-sum restaurant.

Philadelphia, PA

My last meal would be a plethora of Japanese food, some like my grandma makes, and some that are just my favorites. My obachan's okonomiyaki, inarizushi and futomaki, my own recipe for pork gyoza, and even though it's nothing close to authentic, this crazy specialty roll from my favorite local sushi spot - shrimp tempura, crab, and avocado topped with tuna, salmon, scallions, masago, avocado, eel sauce and spicy sauce.

San Francisco,CA USA

If I had to pick one meal to be my last one, it would be the biggest ice cream sundae ever made, with banana and chocolate ice cream with everything on it! And a side of french fries.

Central Coast, California

I think it's hard to pick just one last meal but since it's fall I'm thinking lamb with some sort of delicious herby gravy, some hardy greens and mashed rutabagas or pototoes. Ok, so now I'm hungry!

Thanks for your blog. Lots of great ideas.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

South Carolina, USA

I'd want fresh fruit and some really good cheese and a loaf of freshly made, crusty bread. And for dessert, I'd want homemade ice cream. yum.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

San Francisco, CA, USA

I'm tempted to say something like Le Bernardin's tasting menu or something similar, but to be honest, I think I'd want my last meal to be full of my comfort foods- shrimp fried rice, fried chicken, rice porridge with preserved eggs, salmon ochazuke, chocolate cake with coconut pecan icing, ginger ice cream, and hamachi sashimi with yuzu, sea salt, and jalapeno (not exactly comfort fare, but probably what I'd want to finish with). Annnd.. if I could still eat, I'd want a katsu kare onigiri from a konbini for a last unhealthy indulgence, since I probably couldn't stomach a full serving of katsu kare anyway by this point.


Alaska, USA Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

If you were going to be executed the next day my last meal would be a fresh apple pie with vanilla ice cream that my mother makes from scratch. =)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My grandmothers chicken casserole!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

It would have to be homemade chicken noodle soup, fresh bread and cheese. Mmmm, delicious!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?

It would have to be comfort food from my childhood.

Macaroni cheese with a crunchy breadcrumb topping!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

To start: okonomiyaki cooked by the wonderful family who run "Kaki no ki" in Kumihama, northern Kyoto.

My grandmother's roast lamb with veges cooked in the meat fat, the way she used to make it before they told her it was 'bad'. Now she's too elderly to cook so well, she burns things or forgets to turn the oven on :( I don't eat meat any more but for this I could make an exception.

And my aunty's pavlova, covered with whipped cream and strawberries.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

This is an interesting question. :) I'm going to say I'd like my grandma's home cooking, good ole southern food. I'd have oven roasted turkey, season collard greens, macaroni and cheese, cornbread, candied yams and if there's room for dessert: a slice cherry pie.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Greetings from Jacksonville, FL.

For my last meal, I would choose an assortment of all fine gourmet cheeses in existence, plus a few bottles of very expensive fine wines.

However I'm sure I could find a nice variety of every day meals in your lovely book.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I would have Korean BBQ. Lot's of tender beef short ribs, rice paper noodles, kimchi, and beer.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Western Mass.

It would be way cool to win a copy of your charming book!

I suspect I would be too nauseated to eat, but I would want a Margherita pizza and Key Lime Pie.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

If I was on death row I don't know what I would want to choose. There is to much good food to choose. But I bet I couldn't help but ask for a side Kale with Garlic and Bacon. So good!


If I were going to be executed tomorrow, my last meal would be anything I could get my hands on. I'd go to the store, buy all the best quality ingredients, go home, and just go crazy making everything/anything I could. Then when I was done and my house was filled with food, I'd only take a bite of each thing. ( I have a very small stomach. n_n; ) Then I'd keep taking one more bite of each thing until I was full to burst. nwn

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I can't decide what my last meal would be but my last desert would definitely be a large brownie!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My last meal... I cannot imagine a good meal without sharing it with some friends, or even with strangers, I think the best part in a good meal is to share it with someone. I'm afraid that even the best food would leave me with a bitter taste if I were to eat it alone. I would probably like something warm, comforting, like a casserole dish with polenta, meals from my childhood week-ends. And a good bottle of burgundy wine, which is not from my childhood :o) And a huge "meringue avec de la double crème de Gruyère" as a dessert :P

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My last meal? My mom's chili, with some sour cream on top, cheddar cheese, tortilla chips on the side, with a large glass of Dr Pepper. So tasty! I'd have that meal any day of the week, no questions asked :)

New Haven, CT

The same way our life flashes before our eyes to the happiest of memories before "seeing the light", I think I would want to go back to the one meal that made me happiest. Those are kimbap, the handmade sushi rolls my mom would make me for lunch everyday in elementary school, with a note that either said she loved me or that she put my homework in my folder since I forgot to put it in the night before.

I think i would be most content then.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^


Last meal would probably be the foods I miss most from my original home in the northeast: Pizza Margherita and an everything bagel with cream cheese (both from local stores near my parent's house). A good cup of cappuccino would go nicely with that too.

Miami, FL

hmmm, last meal you say?

Would have to be breaded cod cheeks pan-fried in butter (a favorite dish from Newfoundland), a cheesy potato gratin, beans picked fresh from the garden, and finish it off with my mother's famous chocolate-topped custard or maybe a nice peach-blueberry cobbler!

I'm from the Bay Area (California) :)

If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?

It would have to be a collection of stews served over steaming hot rice with a massive crusty sourdough baguette and plenty of French butter! This is no dish in the world that I love more than stew. Weather it is the classics such as beef bourguignon, coq au vin, and corned beef and cabbage or something I've never tried before. I pretty much love all stews!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

my husbands cooking :-) a full course with his, homemade potato chips, fresh salad and lemon meringue pie. The main course could be a surprise.