Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^


Remember back in August, when we did a week of Back To School articles and giveaways? The last giveaway, which received the most entries/comments by far, was for my book. Unfortunately, despite repeated attempts to contact the winner, it’s gone unclaimed. The poor book feels very sad and unwanted, like Anne Shirley when she arrived at Green Gables the first time.

So…I’ve decided to have another drawing! What’s up for grabs, as before: a signed copy of The Just Bento Cookbook. To enter, leave a comment to this post. Email subscribers: you must click through to the site and leave a comment, not reply by email; I will discard all email replies!.

Be sure to put a valid email address where you can be reached in the appropriate text box (the one that says “E-mail”). In the subject of the comment, tell us where you’re from (town/state/country - nothing too specific!) To make it a bit more fun, answer this question too: If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?

Your comment/entry must be in before 23:59:59 CET (just before midnight of Friday, October 15, 2010. That’s right, you have only 2 days to enter! In addition, you must claim your prize before Monday, October 17 if you want your signed copy ASAP, because I’m leaving home for a few weeks then. (If I don’t hear back from the winner before Monday, she or he will have to wait until December for me to send out the book.) I’ll announce the winner soon after midnight CET on Saturday, October 16 - which will be after 6pm Eastern time/3pm Pacific time on Friday. This one will go fast! Good luck!

(The winner has been announced! Thank you to everyone who participated - sorry if you didn’t win ^_^;)

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Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Hi, I'm from Austin, Texas. Here's what I would like to have:

SO much sushi, and several bubble teas from Momoko (a local tea shop here), and also some of their lovely filled riceballs.

Creme Brulee for dessert.

Now if my last meal were a breakfast then i would have to go with my roots:
Barbacoa on corn tortillas with plenty of pico and limes, crunchy tripas, fresh avacado slices and a giant glass of horchata to wash it down.

Flan made from scratch with real vanilla beans for dessert. What? It's my last meal, I can have dessert with breakfast!

Maryland, United States

If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?
Hmm, my last meal would be Pork, Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, preferably cooked by my mother ^^
This dish is traditional New Year ’s Eve fare in Pennsylvanian Dutch cooking and I love it so much I could eat it every day and the great thing is it is extremely easy to make!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

From Sydney, Australia but I am currently living in Paris.
My last meal on earth would definitely be a trip to Yoshii in Sydney for his signature kaiseki menu. It is the freshest sushi I have ever tasted and all the courses are divine, including the seaweed wrapped abalone! A meal fit for a king before an execution. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

To begin: salt and pepper squid with aioli and salt and vinegar potato chips

Followed by: Salmon sashimi, vege tempura, agedashi tofu, tuna sushi and lots of japanese rice and soy sauce

Then: Chicken nuggets and chips with lots of gravy

And lastly: My mums chocolate bread and butter pudding


Florida, USA

My last meal would have to be mofongo. It is a Puerto Rican dish made of twice fried plantains mashed up with fried pork and garlic, and then covered with shrimp in a garlicky sauce...For desert I think I'd have chocolate lava cake with some ice cream. :-D

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I would love to have a free bento book! I think my last meal on earth would be Fugu -- what would I have to lose?

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My mother's chicken schnitzel. Best stuff on earth. :)

province Utrecht, The Netherlands

My dish would be a local one: spekpannenkoeken met stroop... dutch pancakes (the large ones) with bacon and sticky sugarsyrup...
Can I have seconds?

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

For my last dinner, I would have a Raclette dinner and Fondue... with Gruyere's Merienge with "Double crem" for dessert. Yummy!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My cat, both dogs, and one previous dog were all rescues, so the book would be in very good company at my house [unlike the cat, I would make sure that the dogs didn't do too much sniffing if the book came to live at our house].

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I, for one, am excited to have another opportunity to win this book!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

It would be my mom's meatloaf, creamed poatatoes, cream style corn, peas and baked macaroni and cheese. Homeade root beer or sweet tea to drink :)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

What a treat! I'd love to give the book a home.

As for a last meal... steak and salad. Simple but yummy.

Jupiter, Florida, USA

What Fun, Maki!

This is a tough question... I think I'd want a Tapas type dinner, lots of little bites of my favorite foods. To include; meatloaf, sushi, stuffed shells, chicken tacos, pho, hash-browns, and tempura. It's a weird combination now that I type it all out!

Thank you for the opportunity, Maki!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Florida, USA

I would want something simple to counter all the complicated feelings I'd be having about execution. My choice is definitely nostalgic: steamed jasmine rice and fried milkfish with a slice of calamansi to taste. Then, for a treat, a red bean sio pao. Going back to my roots for my last meal helps me honor my family, especially my mother. Whatever I did to get myself in this mess, a clean meal with pure memories associated with it doesn't have to add to the chaos. Goodbye, world! Always eat at least one thing each day that makes your heart sing!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

*cuddles the book*

My last meal would have to be... Sushi.. and my mother's snicker-doodle cookies, oh and my grandma's grilled cheese, they were amazing!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I think this poor book needs to live in Fort Worth, Texas. We could use some excellent bento recipes and ideas! My last meal would be.... I have no idea! I couldn't choose! BBQ? Cheddar Peppers? Steak?

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

That would be a tough call. I think I would have my mum make her homemade pierogi. Such a great childhood memory! I'd also need something chocolate...can't go out of this world without a last taste of chocolate!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Lancashire, UK

Rare steak, good chips, mushrooms, glass of red wine; rich dark chocolate mousse and excellent coffee.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I'm from Minnesota and if I were to be executed tomorrow I daresay my last meal would definitely have to be a grilled cheese sandwich on 7-grain bread and a chocolate shake. A bit simple but tasty nonetheless.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Hi there,

I have been reading your site for a while now -- but this is my first post. I'm from Kansas City so some of the Japanese stuff isn't so easy to find here, but now I have found some good sources :). I think my last meal would be sushi, pad thai and bengan bhartha with naan bread. Sort of a pan-Asian feast I suppose. I would also request some molten-centered chocolate cake.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Richmond, BC, Canada

Hmm... last meal. I think it would be a selection of pies - chicken pot pie with loads of veggies, tourtierre, my salmon and swiss chard quiche, pumpkin pie, apple pie, strawberry tart, oh and something with a lovely apple-chocolate filling wrapped in pastry ( forget what it's called), egg custard tarts... mmmm!

I hope your book is not orphaned for long! I'm sure, just like Anne Shirley, it will find a loving home (especially if it ends up with me! ;) )

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Pizza. Thin, crispy crust, not too much sauce, gooey cheese.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Hello from Tampa Bay, Florida!

Thanks for sharing your orphaned book!

My last meal? Homemade chicken soup with wild rice (lake not paddy grown) and morels, fresh, homemade bread with avocado on it and a rich, creamy chocolate mousse.

I'm really enjoying reading the different answers. Great question about the last meal, minus the execution, of course!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I would love to have the book :D it could have a nice home in Costa Rica lol
for my last meal I would have black beans soup with white rice and a hard boiled egg, just the way my mom used to make it when I was little, I love the soup and is part of my confort food.

From Devon, England

Oh gosh this is such a tricky question! I think I would enjoy a huge feast of different seafoods... perhaps one of those platters where you get things like lobster, mussels, clams, king prawns, scallops... mmm!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Oh goodness. If I had to choose a last meal, I think I would want to eat as much seafood as I could! Seared scallops, lobster, fresh crab with drawn butter... or possibly slow-roasted leg of lamb. And sushi. Lots of sushi :D

I just picked up my first "real" (as in not generic Tupperware) bento box, so I'm really looking forward to trying out some new recipes!

PS Your mini cabbage-wrapped meatball recipe works equally well with swiss chard and even lettuce. I didn't blanch them, so the lettuce leaves were kind of crispy, but they cooked up just fine in the end. The meatballs held together very nicely on their own; I was impressed.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Greetings from Khartoum, Sudan!!

if i were going to be executed tomorrow (going to medical school in Sudan feels like it everyday though, lol) i would want my last meal to be the Tori Katsu Bento from Oishi Sushi back home in Qatar!! it's the best most amazing chicken in world! and the Japanese curry! Oh MY GOD! best thing is that it comes with Salmon sashimi and the most gorgeous green salad with the best dressing known to mankind. and i don't even know what's in that dressing! all i know is that it's my favorite meal in the whole wide world, and i'd love to have it again (i probably will when i go back home!)

and i've decided to start bento-ing! so this book could really help! i'm making my first one tomorrow morning and i'm super excited!!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My last meal would have to be a full-on summertime clam bake... Raw bar, clam chowder, a pot of steamers, lobster with corn on the cob.... And only in Cape Cod, of course. I hope I win your bento book =)

Lawrence, KS

For my last meal I would want steak, crab legs, a baked sweet potato with lots of butter and brown sugar, perfectly cooked asparagus, hot rolls and Key lime pie for dessert.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My little girl and I love preparing bento for her - I'd love to learn more from your book!

I'm from Canada!

My last meal would have to include a bowl of poutine, a really good gyro, a hot strong coffee, a couple of doughnuts, and a maple leaf creme cookie.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I think I'd go for white pizza with capers & squash blossoms. And some deep-fried potato puffs. And definitely something involving lots of chocolate for dessert.

Warrington, UK

I think my last meal would be something comforting. Either spaghetti bolognese or Oyakodon.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

The star of my last meal would have to be a spread of sushi and sashimi--all the best, freshest, most exquisite raw seafood, including oysters on the half-shell. And, since it's my last meal, I'll be gluttonous and accompany that with a full Korean family style meal (all the banchan and such) as well.

Susan (Virginia, USA)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My last meal would be ohhh, about 5 pounds of fried plantains. I love those things.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I'm from the United States.

I would choose some fresh duck foie from France on baguette toast with a little salt sprinkled on top. Yum!! A delicacy not often enjoyed here in the U.S.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

South Carolina, USA
My last meal would definitely be a full buffet at a local Indian restaurant. Lots of creamy curries, rice and garlic naan.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I want (need) this book! Its getting cold in Hokkaido and I need new recipes to heat my life!

Last meal: poutine (I'm from Québec). poutine, period. XD

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Oh, I'd love to get a book! ~^^~
If I were to be executed, I'd definitely eat tonkatsu, because I love it, and believe it or not, it's the traditional dish both in Japan and in Poland, where I'm from! *^v^* (but we don't eat it with rice, only with potatoes)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

A dinner with my family, probably roasted chicken or fajitas. I'd like at least one more night of joy.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I promise to give the book a good home and put it to good use! ^_^ My last meal would be a good bowl of dal. *sighs* Soooo tastey.

thank you for the second chance!

Selangor, Malaysia

My last meal has to be my mum's 'yong tau foo' which is basically vegetables and tofu stuffed with hand pounded fish paste which is then fried in the wok till golden brown, simmered in a fermented bean paste sauce till its all soft and finally served over a plate of steaming white rice. I can eat that all day. mmmm.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My last meal would probably be my mother's tuna-noodle salad on a bed of lettuce. It's simple, but always reminds me of my mom when I eat it.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Oh, sushi I think! Or maybe tonkatsu - a comfort food to me. Yum...

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I think my last meal would be oden with rice and my grammys fried chicken, I know sounds strange but both are so good I had to pick both. Crossing my fingers for the book, I would never orphan a bento book!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Can wait for this book. I make "american Bentos" everyday. I hate sandwiches. Your ideas are so inspiring. My last meal would be My Mother's Blue fish. Baked in tomatos, peppers and onions.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Syracuse, Utah

I would eat--- Cold stone creamery's Cake batter ice cream with coconut mix-ins. And yes that's a meal.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

mmm i love potatoes so id want to eat it in all its forms: mashed, fried, baked, scalloped, you name it!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Clayton, Australia

My last meal would be my mom's home-made cooking! She likes to cook hearty steamed fish and I like it because it's delicious and healthy (actually anything cooked by mom, I am fine with it because I miss her *laugh*).

Claim this poor orphaned book ^n.n^ Omaha Nebraska

Hello from Omaha Nebraska!!

Oh wow, I cant believe the winner didn't pick up this book! !
So much excitement! Well then! In my hopes of getting picked for this awesomely delicious and thoughtfully packed book, My answer to "If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?"

would be a really thoughtful meal. I eat to fuel my body, keep me running in all the things I do, and if this was to be my last meal, those things would surely fly out the window. What I'd want most would be to have that meal with friends and family if at all possible. I wouldn't worry about the nutritional value (though I'd still subconsciously check for goodness in all I ate), I wouldn't count calories, I'd just enjoy it with as many people as possible.

And for this reason, I'd pick a meal which flawlessly brings my family together every year. Thanksgiving dinner. My mom's juicy slow roasted turkey in rosemary, olive oil, and orange sauce, cranberries from a can, sweet potatoes the way I get to make them, string beans, a hearty salad, and my pumpkin cheesecakes for desert (one low fat and sugar free for my diabetic sisters and mommah).

Even though it'd be a lot of food, I'd love every minute of eating it. Even though it might not be with everyone, I'd remember the times when it was. That would be the perfect last meal, I'd leave nostalgic and happy, and completely satisfied with delicious food.