Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^


Remember back in August, when we did a week of Back To School articles and giveaways? The last giveaway, which received the most entries/comments by far, was for my book. Unfortunately, despite repeated attempts to contact the winner, it’s gone unclaimed. The poor book feels very sad and unwanted, like Anne Shirley when she arrived at Green Gables the first time.

So…I’ve decided to have another drawing! What’s up for grabs, as before: a signed copy of The Just Bento Cookbook. To enter, leave a comment to this post. Email subscribers: you must click through to the site and leave a comment, not reply by email; I will discard all email replies!.

Be sure to put a valid email address where you can be reached in the appropriate text box (the one that says “E-mail”). In the subject of the comment, tell us where you’re from (town/state/country - nothing too specific!) To make it a bit more fun, answer this question too: If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?

Your comment/entry must be in before 23:59:59 CET (just before midnight of Friday, October 15, 2010. That’s right, you have only 2 days to enter! In addition, you must claim your prize before Monday, October 17 if you want your signed copy ASAP, because I’m leaving home for a few weeks then. (If I don’t hear back from the winner before Monday, she or he will have to wait until December for me to send out the book.) I’ll announce the winner soon after midnight CET on Saturday, October 16 - which will be after 6pm Eastern time/3pm Pacific time on Friday. This one will go fast! Good luck!

(The winner has been announced! Thank you to everyone who participated - sorry if you didn’t win ^_^;)

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Montpellier - France

For my last meal, I'd like something full of pleasure, like a tartiflette (there is probably no translation in english, it's a gratin, with potatoes, diced bacon and a quite smelly cheese :-P )

From France

I was to be executed the next day? Well, happily, I won't, because I live in France. ;)
But if it was to be my last meal, I'd have duck magret, with handmade, oven-baked fries, green beans, and sprouted seeds, and a wonderful red wine to go with it. I'd have chocolate fondant for dessert.

Thank you for the giveaway, and for your wonderful blog! :)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

From the UK.

For my last meal, I really don't know how to pick. Maybe a sample menu with a small steak, some sushi, blue cheese, something with coconut milk in it. And lots of deserts, steamed pudding, ice cream, mochi. Also, a large platter of tropical fruit such as mango, pineapple, papaya.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My last dinner would definitely be katsu-don! I would die with a smile on my face.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

First, thanks for the blog, amazing content and lots of ideas for everyday bentos !
To answer the question (should I mention I am a French girl writing from Paris, France) I would say a "tête de veau" (is it veal's head in English ?) because if I was to lose my head I guess I would not want to lose my sense of humor...!
Have a nice day everyone :)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Helsinki, Finland

For my last meal..., probably taking things I can´t get here. So for starters, brazilian snacks ( coxinha, empadinha, pao de queijo, bolinha de queijo ). Main.. natto-maki, takenoko with chicken, kimpira gobo, shimeji and enoki mushrooms and rice. Umeshu with carbonated water and guaraná.

Brisbane, Australia

My last meal would be... lasagne, chicken cordon bleu, lots of veges, mashed potato, and a giant bucket full of gravy. Mmmmmmmm.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Aw, poor little book! I would love to give it a home!

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

My last meal would almost certainly be nostalgic. I would have a hard time choosing between:
the luscious spinach and ricotta canneloni I ate in Vienna, on a restaurant balcony overlooking a beautiful, bustling square (it was 10 years ago, so I forget the name or exact location!)

a delicious tofu in a sweet teriyaki-ish sauce with steamed pak choi and loads of rice, which I ate in Japanese restaurant at a golf course in my native Hampshire

Rose Elliot's three-layer veggie roast, which my Mum has made a couple of times at Christmas, with all the trimmings, or...

Mr Brains faggots, mash and peas! Pretty bog-standard I know, but reminds me of childhood and days with my Nan. Her mashed potato is to DIE for!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Oh boy.... I might have to go with unagi-don followed by mousse au chocolat, haha!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^


I live in Australia, and if I was going to be executed tomorrow, my last meal would be either a roast or different little Asian condiments and dishes (like a yum cha)


Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

LOL! The question was a bit morbid don't you think? I'll chuck it up to it being Halloween month. :)

Live in the DFW area in Texas! Go Texas!

Last meal? Very difficult to choose.
Definitely some Pasta. I love making a Pioneer Woman recipe called Pasta w/ mushroom and bacon. That thing is sinful!!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Oh I already know what my death-row meal would be: chicken fajitas with lots of guacamole, sour cream, and salsa! Hmm I could eat that every day!

Hello from Finland

Last meal? The one I had just now - buckwheat-cabbage stew with walnuts and lingonberries - was such perfect comfort food that I can't think of anything else right now.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Oh wow. Last meal, huh? Ok then.

The results of a good Maine lobster bake: lobster, hotdogs, clams, corn, soft white rolls. With butter to dip the lobster in, of course.

Follow it up with a hot fudge sundae for dessert - vanilla ice cream, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, peanut butter in the bottom of the bowl before the ice cream comes in ... and a sprinkling of peanuts on top.

(note that this meal has ulterior motives in it too: I've developed allergies to shellfish the last few years and have always been allergic to peanuts, so I've only had peanut butter once or twice in my life. And since I can't conceive of a situation where I'd be scheduled for execution, if I'm lucky this will kill me before they do. Of course, if I'm not lucky, I'd pass a really uncomfortable night and still be alive in the morning).

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Bite sized portions of all the stuff I didn't get to eat in my life

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My last meal would probably be a proper roast dinner with roast potatoes and mash and lots of veggies and yorkshire pudding but probably lamb rather than beef.

And now I'm hungry just thinking of it... :P

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^


I don't think I would be very hungry, so I guess some sushi will do...

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I'd have a Dungeness crab, steamed, with a little Old Bay. And also a peanut butter and banana sandwich on toast.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?
Fried Chicken, Mashed potatoes, Red Beans & Rice and Collard Greens

I am just a southern boy.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Oh I'd love to win your book. I just recently started bento making and I'm still in the middle trying to test all the recipes you posted on this blog, they are all just great :)

My last meal would surely be some Bavarian style duck with plum-red cabbage and a potato dumpling just like my boyfriend's grandma makes it. Oh by the way I'm from Munich, Germany :)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I'd probably go for a nice spicy curry. I love curry, but I tend to regret eating it the next day! But if I'm going to be executed anyhow... consequences be damned!

French living in Germany

This one is not to difficult, and like many people here, I would revert to more tender memories with a dish I loved when I was a kid: rabbit stew with mash potatoes. Of course the mash wou need to made a well to hold all the delicious gravy :)

Quezon City, Philippines

If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?

It would have to be authentic cold soba! It's really comforting and will remind me of the best things I've had in life.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I hope never been executed but if... I would like to get some marinated herrings. Prefer to made them myself because they are the nicest of course.

It is a swedish dish, "inlagd sill" and we eat it mostly at x-mas But I think it is the fun of making them toghether with the eating. On knäckebröd.

Lucca, Italy :)

It may sound silly, but I think my last meal would be simply fresh bread & apricot jam :)
It would remember me of my childhood and that would be a nice thought to take with me on my last day. Eh.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I would be more than happy to give the poor book a loving home! I wonder what happened to the hapless winner? :(

Anyway, if I were to be executed the next day, I would want my grandmother's caldereta and adobo, with lots of steaming boiled white rice, made in a clay pot like I used to make it when I was young. With Coke, of course, and sansrival, Red Ribbon's Black Forest cake, and coffee for dessert.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

my last meal would be unagi. love the taste and how it melts in the mouth :)

I hope I'm the lucky one to get the book. :)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada

If I know I'll die, I guess I'll like to drink a hole can of maple syrop. Hmmmm :D

Marion, NC, USA

If I were going to be executed the next day, my last meal would be a simple Shepherd's Pie with lots of cheese.

Washington, DC

Sad to hear that the winner didn't claim this book!

My last meal: I just got back from the beach, so I have seafood on my mind right now: lobster, a real Maryland crab cake, baked potato, corn on the cob, and key lime pie for dessert. Mouth-watering!


If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?
Hmm, thats really hard to answer... I think that my answer is: the kind of turkey my parents serve every christmas night :) with small sugarcoated potatoes and rødkål (not sure what that is in english...)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^ Rudolfs. , AG, Switzerland

If was executed tomorrow I would want to eat a slice of Dominos cheese pizza, a whole "curry pizza" from California Pizza Kitchen, cornbread from Boston Market, Mochi from Trader Joe's, Various sweets from H-Mart, my BF's "chinese pancakes" one Dunkin' Donuts Boston Cream Pie Donut, a big serving of Orange Chicken, a bar of Toblerone Chocolate, 3 Starbucks Frappucinos, Mc Donald's french fries with sweet and sour sauce, and a bag of Zweifel "Paprika Chips". Hey if I would die the next day I would definitely not count calories!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Nostalgia definitely wins for the last meal.
Roast chicken, with all the trimmings (roast spuds, parsnips, caramelized carrots, Yorkshire pud, pigs-in-blankets, thick gravy, etc...), followed by hot lemon-meringue pie... I've just gone and made myself hungry now!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

From Springfield, Virginia!

poor book =( i love it!

I would have lamb and mashed potatoes. Lamb isn't my absolute favorite, but I do find it delicious and I'm allergic so I always get sick the next day... if I'm executed, I'm not going to get sick and therefore will not regret delicious lamb.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Hi, I'm from Mieres/Asturias/Spain (North of Spain)

I would like my last meal to be French fries, two fried eggs and picadillo ( it's very typical from Asturias), but all the ingredients must be home-produced and made and with good oil of course.


it would definitely be my mum's homemade chicken curry. i already have a craving for it now!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Hailing from Perth, Australia. My last meal would have to be anything that my mom cooks. From her simple chicken porridge to her steak a la mom :)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I would be happy to claim the orphaned book!! My last meal would be the mushroom ravioli I had in Florence years ago and still crave with a glass of red wine.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I would eat a very heavy portuguese stew AND one feijoada, full of cabbage...
My favourite foods ever XD
They are amazing to take to school during winter if there is a microwave to reheat them :) Portuguese stew featuring meet, a whole bunch of carrot and cabbages, and a bit of rice and beans Feijoada featuring... pretty much the same, but a totally different flavor xD

I love winter! Hurray for warm food!
Time for me to make warm bentos too =D

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Anne Shirley was wearing an ugly dress, too. Your book is dressed quite nicely! I would provide a loving, caring home.

If I were to be slated for execution, I don't think I could eat. I would be far too sick and scared. I am, however, shopping today for the ingredients for King Ranch Casserole, a yummy concoction of chicken, tomato, chilies, cheese and corn tortillas.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My last meal? Homemade mac n cheese with panko bread crumb topping, pear lambic, and tiramisu for dessert...mmm heaven. :)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Oh man, what would I want to eat...

Probably risotto, fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, pumpernickel bread, and gelato. I know, weird combo, but all delicious. Plus, I can't eat gluten but if I'm dying tomorrow I'll eat it today. I miss pumpernickel bread the most of all!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I'm writing from Wilmington, Delaware, USA.

Poor Anne Shirley!!

I would hope to have my last meal sometime around Thanksgiving so that I could have a turkey sandwich on toast :-) Or else in the summer so that I could have a HUGE bowl of raspberries.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My last meal? Well, hard to decide... I think I'd go for all the things I love, such as a good thin pizza, sushi, gravlax, welsh rarebit... I really cannot decide...

Maybe something from the Just Bento Cookbook, should I be the lucky winner ;)!

I´m from City: Tübingen State:BW Country: Germany

My last meal would be a pumpkin soup starter with wild herbal salad from my mom
maincourse: Gnocci with porcini and dessert would be
plain strawberrys with whipped cream! yum!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Even though I work from home in Travelers Rest, SC and don't need to pack bentos, I love your recipes and ideas! The designs are visual feasts and the recipes are often adapted into my own cooking!

So many tastes and flavors to choose from, but to whittle it down to the best of the best:

For my last meal, I believe I would like to have crescent dinner rolls from my mom's recipe. She would make a huge batch, and as long as they lasted were my snack of choice. I used to pick them over even chocolate!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My mother's sweet potato casserole. It's got brown sugar, but isn't cloyingly sweet like traditional sweet potatoes. Yum... add a bit of stuffing/gravy/mashed potatoes to the plate and I'd be all set!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My last meal? Gah, how morbid. x.x

I guess I'd like a feast like the one my friend's homestay family made for us in Japan. Tempura, sushi, all sorts of delicious goodies and Pocky as an appetizer. :)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

If I may be so bold, I should like to volunteer myself as a good home(maker) for your orphaned book. I already have a habit of taking in strays; my 70-lb black lab is evidence of that. Plus I have a lovely bookshelf just off the kitchen with lots of other cookbooks, where the orphan will feel welcomed. Please consider me for this awesome responsibility. :)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I am from Kentucky, USA. For my last delicious meal I would want English lamb with garlic, rosemary, thyme and sea salt rubbed in, proper mint sauce made with malt vinegar and freshly minced mint, fresh peas from the garden, oven roasted red potatoes with chives, and Yorkshire puddings on the side, preferably my Grandma's recipe. Oh and a glass of red wine of course, before the meal a cup of black tea with a splash of milk! Hello lovely book!