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Exam Week Day 1: %#$&! and Epistaxis

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Posted on Eleven Clovers's blog :: Mon, 2009-02-09 16:31

So I bloody well failed.

This is truly the worst I've ever felt during an exam period. I generally like to pride myself on feeling calm upon approaching my exams. This year though, that has fallen apart already, pretty much a minute into my first paper. Fantastic attitude to have to carry through the rest of the week.

Maths, my second exam went ok, I didn't finish all the questions which is not good, but I wasted a great deal of time on an impossible question (misprint by the IBO!) and the fact that my maths teacher supposedly didn't even finish the paper in the allotted time himself does make me feel better.

History, on the other hand was a disaster. I opened up the paper and WHAM! Brain jam. Impenetrable wall of migraine and panic. As a result I did the worst possible thing you could do on a history paper - I jumped back and forth between my essays. Why am I so stupid? If I'd at least gotten one good essay done and one rubbish one done, I could guarantee myself about 50-60% or so. But no, I'm stuck with two completely rubbish, unfocused and incomplete essays. I give myself about 30% max. I REALLY need to make it up in the same paper. Same goes for English, because my oral presentation was guess what? Focused on the wrong topic.

And to make things even better, I cried after the History paper. First time I've cried in years I think. And now I cry over a history paper! One of the girls threatened (nicely) to kick my butt if I didn't stop crying. I don't think it helped. I panicked so badly that I ended up with a nosebleed. ¬¬' And I do mean one of those bigger ones where you end up huddled over a sink for 30 minutes and produce numerous finger-sized clots in your nostrils. Yeeaaaah.

So yes, fantastic start to the week! I'm off for some comfort food and then hopefully making a start on Biology.

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