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Week 3 Report! Excuses excuses...

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Posted on Eleven Clovers's blog :: Sat, 2009-01-31 01:51

So, these were my goals for Week 3:

-Keep up the pace of last week, 4-5 bentos.
*** Yes, I made 5 bentos, good for me.

-Consistently keep bento preparation time short
*** Well...this week times were 15, 15,25,30,15. On the whole, getting better.

-Exercise of course. It's also getting warmer now, so I might get some walking in.
***FAIL!!! I did much worse than last week. 30min cycling, 1 hour dance and that's IT! Boo. On the other hand, I climbed about 110 flights since monday (Brownwyn's stair thingie)

-Use previous week's calorie counts as a sort of guideline to keep bentos under 500cal
*** I kind of gave up on calorie counting because about the second day into the week the warning bells for that delightful time of the month came, which meant that I was constantly ravenous the entire day and would not cease stuffing myself til the end of the week. Oops.
Resist the temptation to snack on toasties!
***So... I got one on Tuesday. But no more! I swear, I was good :)

Onto this week's bentos:


The last of the banh chung I made, coughkentuckycoughcough fried chicken (what, i had leftovers!), plain yog w/ banana, apple jaws :P, spinach logs and mung bean sprouts.


Rice with a Domo-kun nori face, celery/kohlrabi/scallion stir fry, sauteed pork, cuke fence/pen, plain yog, apple jaws, honey nut cheerios, oscypek (polish goat cheese) and a strange sticky guava candy that I threw out after one bite because it left a disgusting taste in my mouth.


Apple chunks, banana slices, bit of a mini Toblerone, romaine lettuce, cucumber stars (by hand! I don't have cookie cutters >.<), Vietnamese 'ham', and 'nigiri'.
Here's a blurry nigiri close-up.

Originally I wanted to make it with smoked salmon but then my mother made the sticky rice red, so I thought 'Ok, I'll make it with tamagoyaki and the yellow will contrast nicely'. Of course the tamagoyaki was FAIL-tamagoyaki and also too dark because the soy sauce was not light.


I originally intended to bring no bento on Thursday, and yet this one turned out to the best out of the lot. Pan fried chicken breast, fail-baked sweet potato, romaine lettuce, celery, carrot sticks, 1/3 of a bread roll and a makeshift 'container' for a peanut suace, made out of a quarter of a bell pepper's bum.


Absolutely starving by the time I got around to eating this one. Apple chunks (neglected, actually), veggie stir fry with white rice hiding underneath with a bit of yukari, Tamagoyaki Take Two, cuke slices, and 2 Hershey's Hugs.

Next week... hopefully I'll hop back on the wagon again. Unfortunately mid year exams are nearing and I ought to focus a little more on my studies ^^'

See you all soon in Week 4!

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Re: Week 3 Report! Excuses excuses...

maybe bentos can help in fokusing on the studies. When I make mine, I'm still so sleepy that learning is out of question. But later to the time I normally get hungry for lunch, I can keep up learning eating my bento "by the way" and don't have to make or get my lunch in a time when I can learn

Re: Week 3 Report! Excuses excuses...

There is also the comfort of having something handy, making sure to have enough treats (like the chocolate)
and not having to pay for anything extra

Exams may NOT be a good time to try new recipes. Perhaps do some stashing of ingredients ahead of time - if you like KFC then plan to have some around and use it!

Good luck!!!!


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