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The beginning of the bento

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Posted on Miss_Artemis's blog :: Tue, 2009-04-21 02:35

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[First off, thank you Maki for the blog. ^__^ I was planning on going to an online blog site and such, but I'm glad I could make one here. Arigato!]

It's kinda funny that I'm starting my blog on a day that I didn't make a bento. Dx I actually had today planned on making steamed pork buns with a semi-thai pork filling, and I'm glad I did! It was so yummy! I cooked it as you would normally, just no bamboo and more ginger (yum!), sugar, lemon grass seasoning, and green onions.

Now, I'm not a professional baker but that kneading was so difficult! I never knew it was that hard kneading that dough. x_x But it came out really great! And the coolest thing is that I got the recipe from JustHungry.com. :] I even made some bunny and kitty baos. (the kitties just have smaller ears and are wider. xD)

And here are the two chefs behind it all!

Yes, my wonderful boyfriend even helped out and made the filling for me. <3 And now he can't wait to have a pork bun for dinner. He was even thinking (because he loves hot pockets) that we should some pizza baos and fried rice baos....more like pizza baos. ^_^

Tomorrow morning, my little sister wants me to make a bento for school so I will definitely be up with a bento-related blog tomorrow. Gosh, this is really fun. :]

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