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Posted on Jiza's blog :: Thu, 2009-10-08 15:18

I didn't prepare a bento for today as yesterday i had a damn lot of work. It didn't take a long time, though, but my boss had a bad reaction and told me something that made me feel like crap. So i wasn't willing to prepare my box when i got back home.

I had delicious food anyway, that my mother brought to us yesterday afternoon, so i went home for lunch ^^
And i didn't even had a good time enjoying it because my f*cking boss called my every 10 minutes to ask me if i had read a document that was sitting on my desk. ARGGGHHHH!!!

Anyway. On monday (October the12th) it's National Holiday so i won't have bento. AND it's my birthday on tuesday so I plan to prepare some yummy food. Well, it depends. At my job you can take the afternoon and go home on your birthday (instead of going out at 7 p.m.), and it was my intention to do it. But i've been told i start a new project on tuesday so maybe i just have to stay at the office. BTW, a tuesday 13th is considered a bad luck day (the same as friday the 13th on the US), so I'll probably have to stay at the office -__-
So if i have to, I'll prepare me a sushi bento ^^
I'm intending to prepare futomaki filled with tamagoyaki and philadelphia cheese (and leave half in the fridge for my hubby), maybe some spam musubi... awww I don't know what else! ^^
I don't like to be a year older (I'll be 29 years old... aghh....) but i'm very excited about having a cool bento! yay!

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