Bento for your spirit as well as your body

A reader left a great comment on the last post. I’m quoting part of it here:

But, honestly, the thing I love about bentos is the zen-factor: it makes me excited about eating and I always spend time in the morning really thinking about what I’m putting into my body. It’s very calming. I feel like I spoil myself everyday.

I couldn’t agree more with that. Planning bento lunches for yourself makes you feel like you are really taking care of yourself - something we are apt to forget when we are running around leading Life in general. It’s as important, or even more so, than planning and making bentos for your family and loved ones. It’s a way of pampering yourself during the course of your day, spiritually as well as physically.

Nothing can beat a bit of self-pampering!

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Hi, i did’nt knew the verb

Hi, i did’nt knew the verb pamper, but it’s now the case ! I do love too think about what to put in my tomorow bento, what cook for dinner to make leftovers and have good things to eat at the universitary restaurant while my friends eat dishes not really appetizing ! In love with the bento’s way of life :D

Love your site

I love the way your bentos are different from the normal ones cos its waay healthier! Just as I was looking for healthy bentos cos I’m also trying to lose weight!

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