Bento no. 50: Vegan bento with quinoa salad and curried kidney beans


Bento contents:

Total calories (approx): 450 (how calories are calculated)

Time needed: 5-10 minutes with pre-made components

Type: Vegan, not Japanese, gluten-free

I don’t have much to explain about this bento, since I’ve already given you the recipes for the two components in it. I wanted to show it anyway because it’s an example of a protein-rich (double-protein from the quinoa an the kidney beans), filling (fiber-rich), colorful and delicious vegan bento. The resident die-hard omnivore loves both the quinoa salad and the beans, together like this or on their own. And, it can all be made ahead! Quinoa is a very sturdy grain (it’s actually a seed) which doesn’t get dry or mushy if kept well covered in the refrigerator, and the spicy kidney beans also hold up pretty well for a couple of days.

I made the kidney beans without peppers and with more carrots, since the quinoa salad has peppers in it. If you want to make this bento even more colorful, add some raw veggies like shredded lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cut up cucumber and so on, carried along in a separate container. You might also tuck in a lemon wedge to squirt on.

This is one of the few bentos that tastes good at refrigerator-cold temperature as well as room temperature. You’ll want to carry along a spoon or a round fork (like the one in the photo, a very cute picnic fork I got at French supermarket Leclerc) rather than chopsticks for this.

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Do you shop at Edouard

Do you shop at Edouard Leclerc, seriously??

Sure - whenever I travel I

Sure - whenever I travel I love to go to supermarkets ^_^


Congratulations for making it to 50 fabulous bento! :) I love the colors in this one.

Thank you clover :)

Thank you clover :)

Love, love, love this site.

Love, love, love this site. One day, I’ll craft a bento box, but now I’m starting with the basics. :) Also, here’s another blog you might want to link to if you haven’t already: - it’s a good place to find rare ingredients. Thanks and congrats on making the top 50. Woot.

Bento #50

Looks absolutely luscious and lovely …and oh so teeny! I think I’ll be packing two bento boxes that day. ;-)

The bento box is a 400ml

The bento box is a 400ml capacity, so pretty small… but because the contents are very rich in fiber it was very filling!

Ah, you are wonderful

Thank you for another vegan bento! Since my husband and I became vegan, we carry bento out of necessity rather than just choice. I welcome your ideas and recipes, and your beautiful presentation and clear, friendly writing make using your website all the more enjoyable. And it might be silly of me, but the fact that your website isn’t entirely vegan makes me feel less marginalized, too… You are from a culture different from mine, you live in another country, but I share a sense of community with you and the other readers, because we share this happy little slice of the everyday. Because of you!

Wonderful food ideas

You have a wonderful website here, and I think I will be coming back for more. I love food and it’s amazing how you are able to make these beautiful presentations here. If you have time, please check out this website, its new but I’ve been following it because of all the healthy recipe’s that they have featured, you may find something you like there, or share your insight on some of their featured dishes. I like the concept of using bento boxes to make healthy lunch meals/snacks for my family! Thank you so much! You’re wonderful!

Great site

I was just directed here by a friend who loves your site! And here I see your Bento 50 is in what looks a lot like my new stainless steel Tiffin container!
[ the tiffin is an Asian lunchbox style, again with stacking sets available: ]

I like that you show the use of silicone cupcake liners as a potential for separating foods, rather than plastic only options.

And the calorie information is priceless -keep up the great work!

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