Bento no. 48: Salted chicken and carrot kinpira sandwich bento


Bento contents:

  • 2 slices of bread, 85 cal each - 170 cal
  • Pan-fried salty chicken, 2 small chicken thighs totalling 70g (2.5oz) with skin, 150 cal
  • About 1/3-1/2 cup carrot kinpira, 50 cal
  • Lettuce and cherry tomatoes, 5 cal
  • 1/3 cucumber with dill, 10 cal
  • 1/2 Tbs. mayonnaise (in apple shaped container), 50 cal

Total calories (approx): 435 (how calories are calculated)

Time needed: 5-10 minutes in the morning

Type: Chicken sandwich

The pan-fried salty chicken is great in a conventionally Japanese rice-based bento, but it’s also very good on top of a salad or in a sandwich. I’ve packed it here with some carrot kinpira and lettuce, with the sliced bread packed separately so I can assemble a ‘fresh-made’ sandwich at lunchtime. The chicken and spicy carrots go together very well, and the mayo ties it all together. I made the chicken the night before, and just briefly reheated it in a dry frying pan skin side down to crisp it up. The carrot was stocked in the fridge too.

I usually prefer to assemble my sandwiches right at eating time - see bentos no. 6 and no. 24. This avoids the problem of soggy sandwiches, or having to protect the bread by slathering on a high calorie barrier of butter and so on.

If you are watching your calories very strictly you’d omit the mayonnaise (in the apple cup), and maybe take the skin off the chicken. But even with those two things the whole bento comes in in the mid-400 calorie range, so I’m happy with that.

For the sliced bread I used a sort of tomato and herb flavored white bread (Toastbrot Mediterranée from Migros, for people in Switzerland), but whole wheat bread would of course be more healthy.

The cucumber piece is cut in half, sprinkled with a little salt and dill, put back together and wrapped tightly in plastic wrap. By lunchtime it tastes like a very fresh dill pickle!

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good idea to pack the

good idea to pack the sandwich later. The carrots look good in the sandwich also..

Carrot Kinpira

Silly as it may seem I have just recently (after months of using your other recipes) made the Carrot Kinpira. It’s fantastic! What’s more, my hubby will eat it, which is a miracle in and of itself. He likes to add a packet of Splenda to it though, which I find unnecessary.
Update on our weight - I have lost 30 pounds and he has lost 47. That brings our total loss as a couple to 77 pounds. As you can imagine we had quite a ways to go (he has a bit left to lose still), but nothing compares to being able to wear my clothes from High School again!

Wow! You and your

Wow! You and your husband’s weight loss is (are?) so impressive! I’m really glad bentos and this site play a part in your success! :)


The suggestion for using Bento as a weight loss tool was made by a very nice girl we met at the Culumbus Ohio Anime Convention dressed as Duo Maxwell…

Re: Carrot Kinpira

Good job!

apple container

I’m curious where we could find these cute apple containers! I’ve never seen them before… (I’m in the US though).

The apple container is a

The apple container is a Shinzi Katoh design. I got mine in Japan (Tokyu Hands among other places carry them, for people in Japan or going there for a trip), but his web site does ship overseas, though most of the site is in Japanese only. Here’s the page with the apple bento goods. The mayo cup is the top left one - the little worm is actually a tiny spoon! (I have most of the apple accessories…though haven’t really used them much except for the mayo cup)

Re: The apple container is a

I saw them a Casa Bento, for I think 5$ ? I'm pretty sure they are still there. ^_^

Sandwich Assembly

Had I known to assemble my sandwiches just prior to eating them rather than packing them assembled, I would have been a much happier kid since I wouldn’t have endured so many soggy sandwiches.

Just finished dinner,

Just finished dinner, featuring the oven roasted version of your salty chicken recipe. Outstanding. Thanks!

Thank you!

I have discovered your site yesterday and am already inspired with your beautiful photos and simple, fun recipes. I had a lot of fun making the kinpira, right immediately after cooking the chicken— used the same dish and cut down on washing time! :) I am not really a big fan of lettuce, particularly iceberg— what other lettuce can you recommend for bento? Or is it really just any kind? I like how you have this set up to be assembled as a sandwich but it really could be eaten separately— the lettuce as a small salad with the chicken on top. (That’s how I’ll be eating it tomorrow!) Thanks again— I can’t wait to start cooking more healthful bento meals! :)

This may sound strange, but

This may sound strange, but I honestly can’t remember the last time I bought iceberg lettuce! I like either the ‘butterhead’ or Boston type of lettuce, or for more crunch the cos or romaine type of lettuce. For using as a bento liner, I usually just use what’s on hand - if it does get limp and unappetizing by lunchtime I just throw it out! I even use a cabbage leaf as a liner in a pinch!

Re: Bento no. 48: Salted chicken and carrot kinpira ...

I like your idea with the cucumber-- do you use fresh dill, or dill from a spice container? Because I only have the second kind.
I will be using Bentos for my High School next year-- senior year is an important year, and since I don't have a lunch time (my school allows us to not take a lunch if we need to take an extra class in order to graduate) I will be eating in class. I Think it's very important to eat healthy, especially when I have so much going on (classes, clubs, and a job) and your ideas seem like they would work for me!

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