Bento box of the week: Three tier bamboo shoot shaped box

Bento item of the week is a weekly feature on Just Bento. This week’s item is this adorable bento box.


I love the shape of this box. It’s a three-tier model, made of wood and lacquered. It is made to ressemble the shape of a bamboo shoot. Bamboo has a lot of significance in Japanese culture, and the bamboo shoot is seen as a harbinger of spring. Bamboo rice (takenoko gohan) made with fresh bamboo is delicious. Bamboo shoots are also popular in stir-fries and in dried form as shinachiku (which literally means Chinese bamboo, Shina being the old name for China) in ramen.

takenoko_bentobako2.jpg I especially like the distinct wood grain pattern on the individual bowls. They could be used individually as serving bowls. Imagine setting out three kinds of olives in them. I do wonder a bit how practical it would be to carry to work. A special bag might be needed to hold it all tightly together, or it could be tied together in a cloth.

The box is made by a 110 year old company that specializes in supplying lacquerware to the restaurant trade as well as home users. While their web site doesn’t specifically say so, the prices make me think that the containers are machine made rather than hand carved. (They do specifically state that they use real wood, not pressed wood or plastics, and real lacquer.) On the plus side that does mean their goods are more affordable than the previous two bento boxes featured. (Check out their entire line, including more conventionally shaped bento boxes.)

Size: 12 cm x 15 cm high Price: 3,500 yen Link

(Tip for easy currency conversions: just enter, for example, “3500 yen in USD” in the Google search box! This one comes out to $30.93 as of the date of this post.)

(If you are interested in buying any of these featured Japanese bento boxes and you don’t have a relative or friend in Japan to help you out, try the overseas shipping services listed on this page. Note this is not an endorsement of any of these services since I have not tried them myself, but they do get positive reviews from readers.)

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Oh, beautiful. A shame one

Oh, beautiful.

A shame one couldn’t reheat in that though - a lot of my packing does involve the need to reheat one dish. But what a gorgeous set of containers.

Just got mine!

Well, I finally broke down and bought this particular bento. It’s very beautiful, but it is smaller than I expected. From the pictures, size was hard to judge so I was thinking it would be big enough to serve as the centerpiece on my table. But it is just the perfect size to provide a meal for on person

The neatest thing is that all the pieces really do fit into the large bottom bowl, and it still looks good. And it really is beautiful. I can’t wait to try it out!

Hi! I know this is an old

Hi! I know this is an old thread, but can anyone tell me if there is a way to view the web site of the company who made this lovely bento box in English???? Thanks!

Japanese websites in english

When I want to view a Japanese website in English I use google. If you open the google home page where there is just a search box in the middle (, to the right you’ll see 3 links, one of which is called “Language Tools”. If you open that link you’ll see you can either translate the text, or there is a box where you can paste the website url, and then choose the original language and the language you want to see the webpage in. Just be aware that no “automatic” translating tool works really well. You’ll have to mentally translate the translation. :D

I use this to search, and then I use a service like White Rabbit Press (google it). They make the purchase from the Japanese retailer and then send it to me.

Good Luck!

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